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i-is the microphone on... oh, it is? Oh! Uh hi there! ^^" I'm Shadowwolf (as well as many other names)! You may know my old account, which is under the name Featherkit (I think.)I don't get on a lot since my neighbor's internet constantly gets shut off (and don't worry he knows we use it! He gave us the password and stuff), but my parents are FINALLY thinking about getting internet of our own >w<

Enough about that, though! I mostly draw wolves and cats, and I occasionally try to draw dragons... I suck at animations so mostly I do still pictures. Though oddly I'm kinda good at drawing a still picture of motion... which is weird simply because you'd think I'd be good at animations... Anyways, my MVs are OK... most of them are old and look weird though, so I need to do new ones eventually. I RP a lot though (with anyone and any char. type) so if you want we can do that... I'm usually friendly and I like to meet new people so don't be scared lol... If we become good friends I might even add you on Facebook! xD

There's a lot to say so I'll just stop here to save you a few years... If you wanna know more just ask!

P.S. I always take requests and usually do not ask for stars in return...

If you do like it, and want to add stars, just give it as many stars as you think it's worth, if you want.