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all my gun flipnotes are dedicated to 「--Zyu--」& Rose i'm available from 11:00 am to 3:00 am L.A. time don't know why i said that but i would like 2 hear from you a little more often. and to all my loyal fans out there... have fun dont get hurt and enjoy yourselves. & remember 2 keep yur eyes on the road. 7/15/11... I just got back from camp seymor. 5 days outdoors and sleeping in a yurt. And the gourmet meals........ I loved it. I wish it could have been waaaaay longer. It was better than being here at home with only videogames to keep me occupied...... But it's good to be back. And to all my gold club member fans who are very loyal to me like BLACKKAT, NINJA, and a few others like XRosalieX. Enjoy yourselves. I love Assasins Creed. And Halo. And Call of Duty. And Brink. And Soulcaliber. And all 007 games. And Battlefield is pretty good. I also love Guitar Hero. And Mafia is awesome. And I think Pokemon is cool too. And I love Street Fighter. I also love YMCA Camp Seymore. And Mario is really cool too. So is Zelda. And if you have cheats for any games I'm the one you should tell them to. And to whoever keeps false reporting me, please stop. Because I will not put up with you any longer. And next time you do I will find out who you are and get you banned. I'm not lying either! Because I can and will play a little game of FBI agent with you. And that is also no joke! So be careful who you mess with. And you will hate me for the rest of your life. I am the king at making peoples lives miserable. And that will include yours if you don't stop. So remember to think twice before you report someone. Because you never know what some people are capable of. So watch out! And trust no one.