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My official channel: Invader Gar's Fantastic Channel of Moosey Wonder.

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Find me on I share an account with my dear friend, Ryn (who's on Hatena). Our account name: TheSistersZimm (ya know, like The Brothers Grimm?).

No, I do not (yet) have a DeviantART account, so anyone claiming to be me is an imposter.


Greetings. I am Gar, the bringer of doom. I have tracked Zim to this strange planet known as "Earth". IT'S CRAWLING WITH HUMANS! BWEEAUGH! Ummm... unless you're the Tallest... then I'm NOT Gar, and I'm NOT on Earth, so, uhhh... yeah... don't capture me. (I am a 13 year old female human worm child (I'M NORMAL!) that is obsessed with Invader Zim. My favorite shows include Invader Zim (duh), Happy Tree Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Little Brittan, Futurama, MAD, The Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy, and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (Richard Horvitz, Zim's voice actor, voices in it!!! :D)).

I love: Invader Zim, Zim himself, Dib, anything that has to do with Invader Zim, Portal, Portal 2, JtHM, Memes, aliens in general, the word "legitimate", Creepypasta and horror movies, sushi, chocolate, lava lamps, dubstep, cheese, the numbers 13 and Pi (3.14), Dib's hair, Nintendo games, Zim's voice, Coca Cola, Pokemon, being an Invader Zim nerd, the Pokemon Lugia, and my OCD.

I hate: People posting RPs on the Invader Zim channel, cyberbullies, bullying in general, people stealing Flipnotes and claiming they made it single-handedly, most pop music, when people use improper grammar, dodgeball, most sports, Mary Sue Flipnotes, leafy vegetables, feeling like a Mary Sue, when an Invader leaves Hatena or quits Invader Zim, and my OCD.

My favorite bands/music artists are: Tipper, Creature Feature, Skrillex, Green Day, Bassnectar, Miku Hatsune, Glitchmob, and Daft Punk. (I generally prefer Dupstep, electro, glitch-hop, orchestral, Vocaloid and rock music.)

My favorite episode of Invader Zim is Dark Harvest. My favorite quote is:

"Why was there ham in my pocket?" ~Dib

I have successfully watched every aired episode of Invader Zim, including the pilot episode. Zim and Dib are my favorite characters, if you haven't already figured it out. BUT I AM NOT A MARY SUE. ...I think. (I took the test.)

These are all of my current OCs, on and off Hatena (they are all OCs from the Invader Zim universe).


Gar: My main OC, used to represent me. Has a distinctive X on her forehead that was tattooed on her by the Tallest to make her stand out in a crowd despite her short stature (she's shorter than Zim), making her escape almost impossible, and black eyes with red shine. Her eyes are the result of a time paradox that happened long ago, and were originally the same color as Zim's (magenta). Has a spot on the top and lower part of her uniform. She is obsessive, irritable, highly mentally and emotionally unstable, quick to anger, insane, and somewhat kind at times. She, like me, also has OCD. Respects Zim and likes him as a friend would (though he obviously hates her) and has a crush on Dib, though she hates herself for it and frequently tries to convince herself to destroy Dib. Is the owner of Nano. She is also wanted by the Irken military and the Almighty Tallest for attempting to eliminate them after years of being their slave. She has a 100 000 000 Monies bounty on her head for her capture. After reading this, I feel like such a Mary Sue right now it's not even funny. Or maybe it is. -_- STATUS: Highly defective due to the corrupted data in her PAK.

Riz: My first Irken OC. Used to be happy-go-lucky, now somewhat dark. He is in the Irken military and has a deep scar over his left eye. Dons a thunderbolt on his shirt and PAK, and has an artificial antennae where he lost his real one in combat. Used to be an Invader. Owns a SIR named Scrawl. STATUS: Not defective.

Anti Gar: Represents my OCD in real life, and is therefore not an Irken, but an Irkenoid personification of mine and Gar's OCD. She is dark, cold, and lives in Gar's brain. Nobody knows whether she is real or just a figment of Gar's twisted imagination. She can interact with Gar only (like OCD), and this is perceived as Gar talking to herself. She may make appearances in my Flipnotes, but those appearances are purely metaphoric and symbolic. STATUS: Not defective, but not exactly an Irken.

Zarn: An intelligent, agile Irken who specializes in the art of stealth and sneak attacks. After escaping to Earth prior to stealing important weaponry from the Irken military, he set up a base there and now lives there as a refugee. He doesn't aspire to destroy Earth, but he is frequently irritated by the humans' incompetence. He works at MacMeatie's. Has dark green eyes, an Irken insignia on his forehead, and standard antennae. STATUS: Not defective, but disloyal to the Tallest.

Flatch: A very small Irken, smaller than Skoodge. Has a very big, flat-topped head and tiny body. Is very shy and timid, yet has a vengeful personality. He is a table headed service drone on the Massive, and has a red uniform with a single stripe and antennae that point backwards. He was one of the few Irkens that Gar spoke to before she went off the deep end, though they're more acquaintances than anything else. He doesn't hate the Tallest, but he does hate his job. STATUS: Not defective.

Zamd: His name used to be Shand. Very arrogant and bossy. Treats his "friends" like slaves and is a highly arrogant, self-absorbed character. He is blind in his left eye and has a single spot on his PAK. He wears a scope on his right eye, and is the owner of Molotov, the elite SIR. He is an Invader. STATUS: Not defective.

Frya: A former successful Invader who now works at Shlooghorg's Flavour Monster with her SIR unit, Nacho. She's kind, patient and cheerful, and loves to cook. She views Sizz-Lorr as more of her leader than the Tallest. She is a chubby Irken with small purple eyes and a single stripe on her uniform. STATUS: Not defective.

Mikrel: An Invader with the same body and head shape as Skoodge. He has light green eyes and a titanium glove attachment on his right arm due to being hatched with only a single hand. He is only 12 Irk years old and has a dark brown uniform. He thinks of himself as invincible, and is highly rambunctious, energetic, and sometimes annoying. STATUS: Not defective.

Dorp: A medium-sized Invader who successfully conquered planet Virach, and was then sent to Earth by the Tallest to capture Gar. Has one eye bigger than the other, a lazy eye, and short antennae. Is very intelligent and uses his false kindness to lower his target's guard before striking. Enjoys intelligent conversations and doesn't necessarily hate Earth. He isn't in Ms. Bitters' class (but goes to the skool) and is 14 Irk years old. He discovered he was in fact defective after meeting Nel (ChibiNel's OC) and developing a crush on her. He is Iro's owner. STATUS: Defective, but loyal to the Tallest.


Nano: My main SIR. More intelligent than his master, Gar, in certain ways, but has random bursts of stupidity at times and malfunctions occasionally due to being haphazardly cobbled together. He often wonders if Gar is worthy of having him as her SIR. He is good with engineering. Has eyes much like Irken eyes and a black stripe between his eyes. Has a red star on his antennae. His disguise is a hedgehog.

Scrawl: The first SIR I created. An artistic SIR who is slightly intelligent and friendly. Belongs to Riz.

Iro: A SIR unit made by Nel and Nel's OC Tae for Dorp. He's sensitive, caring, emotional and obedient. He also seems to have a crush on Nel's OC, Buu (from Nel's comic). He has a big, dark red stripe on the top of his head with a black skull on it, dark red eyes, and no mouth. He is obviously Dorp's SIR unit. His disguise is a mole.

Molotov: A violent elite SIR. Has a gouged out line between his eyes and various weapons stowed away in his head. Belongs to Zamd.

Nacho: An eternally-smiling SIR unit with a painted smile put there by her owner, Frya. Despite her smile she is very quiet, reserved and somewhat shy, but she enjoys helping Frya with her job occasionally. Her chest plate and body segments are brown. Her unmoving grin makes her expressions difficult to read.

Squeegee: A rusty SIR who used to clean windows on Irk, hence his name. Has no mouth. He was kidnapped by Gar, then rescued by Deef and Alyssa, and now lives with Alyssa. He hates Irkens, and has purple eyes and a tool belt around his waist. He has a very squeaky voice, and loves fast-paced electronic music.

Other Aliens:

Mirra: A female Zenthornian. I created the Zenthornian species and the planet Zenthor. Has potent hypnotic powers that last for over 15 minutes at a time. She's cold, collective, and always thinks things through to their logical conclusion. Her fur is gray, her eyes are red, and she has a bushy black tail.

Seige: A male Zenthornian with a spike jutting from his chest, like many male Zenthornians. He's young and slightly hyperactive, but a skilled fighter nonetheless. He has red, Irken-esque eyes and light orange fur.

Myk: A classy male Vortian who wears a suit and a monocle. Speaks with a British accent and has red eyes. Not much is known about him. He has a tendency to act slightly timid in even the most calm situations, but bold and brave under pressure.

Humans (and one Earth animal):

Alyssa: A human girl who attends Ms. Bitters' class. She has dark brown eyes, long, jet-black hair, a red shirt, and blue jeans. She is intelligent, mostly kind (with the exception of treating Irkens with extreme contempt), and is determined to find out more about the Irken race and foil their plans. She has a crush on Glok's OC, Deef, and feels like one of the only sane children in MS. Bitters' class. She is sometimes seen socializing with other children from the skool (such as Sarah or Jessica), but this is merely on her father's trying to make her look normal and social. Her only real friend is Deef.

Alexander: Alyssa's father. He has black hair and blue eyes. A rich and somewhat snooty person who doesn't really care what Alyssa's up to, and knows not about Alyssa battling the Irken race. Spends minimal time with Alyssa, causing her to either stay up in her room and take notes on the Irken race, study, read, or visit her only friend, Deef.

Caroline: Alyssa's mother. Has brown hair and hazel eyes. Has pretty much the same personality of her husband, Alexander.

Vitamin Q: A possibly rabid squirrel that Gar found on the streets and decided to keep as a pet, obviously not knowing what types of animals humans keep as pets. He has a pink stripe down his forehead, a stitched-up left eye, and a large curled tail.

That's all of my OCs so far.

The reason I appear as Becc@bot via PC and when I add stars:

This is my second DSi system (It's an XL) and when I linked my DSi XL to my already existing account and de-linked my old one, something got messed up. Now, whenever I add stars on my DSi or computer or link a flip, it shows up added or linked by "Becc@bot", the name on my old DSi. Also, whenever I comment on the PC, I show up as "Becc@bot". To know the "Becc@bot" is actually me and not an imposter, check the ID (mine is shaymee13, no caps). I also cannot display a profile icon. My account is messed up.

I have a disorder known as OCD, which means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Most people with OCD obsess over certain rituals, but I obsess over things (like Invader Zim). It also causes me to be extremely paranoid and sensitive at times, and I am quite often depressed. Well, my fellow Irken Invaders and Earth weasels, take care, and don't eat any strange-looking pork cows.

...WE'RE ON TV!! WE'RE ON TV!!!!!!











November 13th 1998