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Hello everyone O(∩_∩)O~

real name: yachi sakura

age: 14

birthday : 09-09 (nice number isn't it?)

Okay! let me introduce myself!

as you know my name is yachi sakura,

I have 7 fishes in an aquarium (there died one so 6 over (*^__^*) ...

I'm Chinese but I live in Belgium. (for 3 years already wohoo!)

I was born in Netherlands ( Yea weird huh?)

I lived there for a looong time \(^o^)/~

my hobbies are : listening to music, sleeping (~ o ~)~zZ , playing hatena , drawing (even if I'm bad at it I like it so what?![ wtf who am I talking to?]) , singing (buahahahaha!)

Yea as you can see I'm weird huh? But who cares!

A list of my favorite creators! ( favorite means by I THINK THEY'RE AWESOME DRAWERS!!) (ranking from the last lol!)

1st: SPnekosuki why?: 'cause she is a very good awesome person and friend! (easy say best friend!) and her drawing are awesome + coloring!

2nd: kemainsora why?: 'cause he is a crazy drawer in anime and manga! really! and 2 a very good friend! also his animations are always so smoootthh <.<

3rd: tsumugi♠ why?: she is a very kind person and draws awesum!and her characters are always soo kawaii ❤!!

4th: melanie❤ why?: she is a friend in real life! and she just started to draw and she is already a formidable drawer! unbelievable isn't?

5th : Cassandra : you're amazing cassy XD you're kind and one of the most great creators ever XD you really deserve to be populair ^^

6th: kéké why?: 'cause he draws very cute animation and his kirby is always so cute and roundy round ~\(≧▽≦)/~啦啦啦

7th: lightywhy?: 'cause her characters are always so cute! and her comments are always sweet aawww. she is a good friend ^w^

8th: el diabla why? she is a very good wolf drawer and has a kind heart O(∩_∩)O

9th Iriseevee why? now I will tell you why >w< 'cause she is kind and a good friend and her character is soo cute! and she isn't long on hatena and she is already populair!! she is amazing so she deserve it XD

10th : OPSF : his stick fights are amazing draw!

11th: bia~ : sistah you're amazing I luv u >////< and you're character is cute you're kind and sweet and I luv the family >///<

12th: ~astra~: her characters is really great and cute, her color technique is great and very cute!

13th: Bo.n : she draws rlly cute and her animation is nice ^^

also she is a awesome dragon drawer!!

14th: luckystar : you're one of my best friends ever ^^you're drawing is cute! you're colors of you're character are special I like it ^^

15th ham : her animation is great and i love her flips she is great in animation.

16th: darkus : her drawing is good and is a good friend

17th: deejay, blind, mintyeevee,: I luv you all so much much much >////< I could also put u guys all on no1 you're all important to me!! the ranking doesn't matter I luv u all ^///^

18th: laura : well o.o ur way higher then 18th XDD but I'm to lazy to change the numbers =x= jajajaa... sooow what do I have to tell about her? ghnininininiiii... she's amazing and kind, she draws formidable and is always orginal. she got always amazing songs and her animation is incredible good and smooth.

I’m in a family – ☆Pikangel family and friends☆ (If u are in the family copy this to your profile)













☆- Riley☺

☆- B o•n ☀

☆- melanie

also I made a family XD

the pikwiicha family ^^ also put this on ur profile if ur in XD

☆~ neko

★~ bia

☆~ melanie

★~ mintyeevee

☆~ blind

★~ hanna-chan

☆~ reshigirl

★~ hamster

☆~ deadjoker(xeno)

★~ emily

☆~ glaceon

★~ britynatt

☆~ vileteevee

★~ bhaze

☆~ blear

★~ cassandra

☆~ luckystar

★~ vulpix

☆~ nekoyui

in short words the family is full full full XD

kyutu clan is another family by tusmugi!!

err not sure who is inside there..XD

and a family by pikahaaamm ^^ :DD

and a family by twiiggyyy!!^

name is pikachii family!

omg sounds so cute XDD

I'll post asap the members o.o

whe she posted itt XDD

so what are my goals???

10 fans (√)

50 fans (√)

100 fans (√)

150 fans (√)

200 fans (√)

250 fans (√)

300 fans ()

350 fans ()

400 fans ()

450 fans ()

500 fans ()

550 fans ()

600 fans ()

650 fans ()

700 fans ()

750 fans ()

800 fans ()

850 fans ()

900 fans ()

950 fans ()

1000 fans ()

1000 stars (√)

5000 stars (√)

10000 stars (√)

15000 stars (√)

20000 stars (√)

25000 stars (√)

30000 stars (√)

35000 stars (√)

40000 stars (√)

45000 stars (√)

50000 stars (√)

55000 stars (√)

60000 stars (√)

65000 stars (√)

70000 stars (√)

75000 stars (√)

80000 stars (√)

85000 stars (√)

90000 stars (√)

95000 stars (√)

100000 stars (√)

150000 stars (√)

200000 stars (√)

250000 stars (√)

300000 stars (√)

350000 stars ()

what do I have more to tell hmmm...

Oh yea!! my OC's XD

  • scar
  • xing
  • horo
  • neko
  • buya
  • yachiru
  • stripes
  • shiro

let's see what do I have more to tell...

I like cookies =D

I dislike chocolate o3o

err..dun't ask me why XD

oh yea, I luv to make icons for ppl ^^

if u ever need one tell meh =D

but I don't like to make anime persons...

or..don't ask for templates,

and tips for to draw better are welcome XD

I also like if ppl add meh teeheee...

ooh ooh!!

there is a game that I rlly like to play

tales of pirates

my name is:

  • charachii
  • thoushirou
  • love0kissxx
  • chubii
  • nekomimi

in rainbow :D

tell meh when u also play it ^^

whyy tales of piratesss whyyyy!!!

do u have to migrate to top II?


I guesse that was all?



(( ^_^ )/~~拜拜