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updated profile 3/4/12-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey whats up my profile isnt really updated,but I saw some things that were old,so i just typed this up


season1, 1-4


season2, 5-15

season3, 16-25

season4, 26-37

season5, 38-45

ARB the movie

season6, 1-20

season7, 21-30

season8, 31-45

season9, 46-55



J@ck$0n Q and A

Q:whats your favorite food? A:i guess pizza would be my favorite

Q:what series is after ARB? A:Fusion legend of shoop da whoop. (and its not coming april first.) Q:whats your favorite video game? A: idk i like alot of em` Q:what color is your DSi? A:black Q:what do you do while not animating? A:i sometimes have nerf gun wars with my brother,skateboard and stuff. Q:where do you live? A: EARTH >:P Q.Whats your favorite color? A.I guess teal.Q.Are you going to buy a theme?A.Yeah the one i want is 10 star theme and i only have 7 green stars. ----------------------------------------some recent flipnotes coming to a hatena near you (on my page) are airforce sumo, koolaid grenade, oh poop dynamite parody,Epic Failtality and of course ARB.(once i find my SD card).I want to give a shout out to Neon.B,he makes the series called The Bros.I know its starts at part 6 and the first five episodes are made by Mike6301(a linked creator to Neon.B)but he deleted all his flipnotes.