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'Ello, My name is Ashley. I'm a good artist who likes to draw cute and funny things. I mostly draw pokemon alot and I draw animals and made up creatures and all that stuff. I'm 15 years old and I am a girl. I love to make friends and make people laugh. I also have a DeviantArt,Youtube, and a Colors 3D ( It's a 3ds application) account. so yeah...I hope you enjoy my flipnotes. :)

Heres a list of all my characters that I put in my flipnotes:

My Pokemon O.C's:

S!lentMoon/Moony(female) (lucario/Human) (That's me btw...)

Ace(male) (lucario)

Mitzumi(female) (lucario)

Mimzy(female) (lucario)

Crescent(female) (lucario) (Shiny)

Lyle (male) (lucario)

Zero(male) (riolu)

Akio(male) (riolu)

Zane(male) (riolu)

Chander(male) (riolu)

Yasuna(female) (riolu)

Grant(female) (pikachu)

shock(male) (pikachu)

Static(male) (pikachu) (His fur color is blue btw)

Piki(female) (pikachu)

Paine(female) (pikachu/vampire)

Bolt(male) (pikachu)

Kody(male) (pikachu)

Volt (male) (pichu)

Spark(female) (pichu)

VoltPichu66(male) (pichu)

Rina(female) (raichu)

Rod(male) (raichu)

Slash(male) (zoroark)

Modatu(female) (zoroark)

Hideo(male) (zoroark)

Zoey (female (zoroark)

Asuna(female) (zoroark) (shiny)

Shade(male) (zorua)

Kotone(female) (zorua)

Zinan(male) (zorua)

Jolt (male) (jolteon)

Zahira(female) (jolteon)

Hydro (female) (vaporeon)

Takuo(male) (vaporeon) (shiny)

Flare(male) (flareon)

Shimmer(male) (flareon)

Sunlight(female) (espeon)

Linda(female) (espeon)

Moonlight(male) (umbreon)

Azu(female) (umbreon) (shiny)

Leafy(male) (leafeon)

Chiaki(female) (leafeon) (shiny)

Crystal(female) (glaceon)

Freeze(female) (glaceon) (shiny)

Mist (male) (eevee) (shiny)

MoonSunny(female) (eevee)

Lightning(female) (eevee)

Blast(male) (eevee)

Sky(male) (shaymin/skyforme)

Clover(female) (shaymin/skyforme)

SS99(male) (shaymin/robot)

Petals(female) (shaymin/landforme)

Souleaf(female) (serperior)

Leaf(male) (snivy)

Spring(female) (deerling)

Tulip (female) (chikorita)

Nina(female) (ninetales)

Kamiko(female) (ninetales) (shiny)

Blitz(female) (vulpix)

Zippy(male) (victini)

Akane(female) (Quilava)

Zap(female) (shinx)

Hiroki(male) (shinx)

Aeshah(female) (luxio)

Alise(female) (mareep)

Subtract(female) (minun)

Sparky(female) (emolga)

Bubbles(male) (oshawott)

Anzu(female) (dewott)

Bubble(male) (marill)

Bridget(female) (azumarill)

Amber (female) (floatzel)

Jet(male) (buizel)

Nema (female) (panpour)

Chill(male) (cubchoo)

Timmy (male) (sneasle)

Lola(female) (lopunny)

Bun(female) (buneary)

Skits(female) (skitty)

Glitter(female) (delcatty) (shiny)

Lixy(female) (delcatty)

Paint(female) (smeargle)

Candace(female) (zigzagoon)

lizzie(female) (linoone)

Emiko (female) (mienshao)

Z(female) (zangoose) yes, I named her "z"...problem...?

Riko(female) (zangoose) (shiny)

Lunar(female) (absol)

Draven(female) (absol)

Ko(female) (purrloin)

Akiko(female) (purrloin) (shiny)

Naoki(female) (liepard)

Sugar(female) (furret)

Ricky(male) (watchog)

Goldie(male) (lillipup)

Ayako(female) (gardevoir)

Chime(female) (chimeco)

Light(male) (litwick)

Wish(male) (jirachi)

Lin(female) (mew)

Vivid(female) (uxie)

Eclipse(female) (cresselia)

Utako(female) (meloetta)

Watillia(female) (made up pokemon)

Wattera(female) (made up pokemon/evolved form of Watillia)

My animal O.C.'s:

Silverose(female) (kitten)

Scarlet(female) (kitten)

Puppies (Two males and one female) (I forgot their names...lol)

Squeak(male) (mouse)

StarPaw (female) (wolf)

Rikuu(male) (wolf puppy)

Elger(female) (coyote)

Tiny(male) (racoon)

Shiki(female) (artic fox)

Violet(female) (skunk)

Aki (male) (meerkat)

My characters (based off of Tv shows):

Peach(male) (digimon)

Kirby (you already know what Kirby is...)

My made up creature O.C's:

Mimic(male) (unknown creature)

Jor (male) (unknown creature)

Mitzu(female) (unknown creature)

Tukiyo (female) (unknown creature)

Roz (female) (unknown creature)

Takeo (male) (unknown creature)

Airi (female) (wizard creature)

Samara (female) (darkness creature)

Akari (female) (light creature)

Lelou (female) (foxlike creature)

Azumi (female) (unknown/foxlike creature)

Smoke (genderless) (ghost cat)

Kagami (female) (unknown creature)

Stacey (female) (unknown creature)

Pixel (male) (video game creature)

Heaven (female) (angel creature)

Timer (female) (time travel creature)

Earth (male) (earth element creature)

Wind (female) (Wind element creature)

Fire (female) (fire element creature)

Water (male) (Water element creature)

Tsuki (female) (moon creature)

Buttons (male) (wind-up toy creature)

Harmony (female) (music note creature)

Beatrice (female) (pink bunny)

Asteroid (female) (space dog-like creature)

Frost (male) (Artic/ice wolf creature)

Fintan (male) (fire creature)

Gears(male) (robot)

Rein(male) (black mage)

Chiasa(female) (white mage)

Planet oc's (they're also made up creatures btw):

Mercury (Male)

venus (female)

Earth (female)

Mars (male)

Jupiter (male)

Saturn (female)

Uranus (male)

Neptune (male)

Pluto (female) {even though she's not much of planet poor thing}

(Yes I know I have alot of o.c.'s...problem?)

and facts about my chosen characters:

S!lentMoon/Moony: She's a very fun outgoing lucario who loves to have fun adventures with her friends, she also loves to gently tease her friends. she has two family members, a zoroark named Derek, and a niece that's a mew named Kunai.

Outfit: A blue striped bow tie with an "S" on it and a dark blue dress with black moon markings on it and a dark blue striped hair thingy.

Ace: He's the more mature one of my o.c.'s he also has a bad temper but he has a kind heart. He mostly stays quiet...he's not much of a chatty person. he also has a rivalry with Slash...

Outfit: A white scarf with a blue "A" on it.

Mitzumi: She's the calm more sweet type she doesn't really have a bad mood and she's very shy when meeting new people but she loves to hang out sometimes. She's also the only one out of all of my o.c.'s that can speak japanese (because she's from Japan) She loves romantic stuff and she's almost always happy and will give a helping hand.

Outfit: A blue rose and a blue scarf with two heart markings on it.

Zero: He's the random playful type, he loves to make friends and do fun activities. And he's a big fan a chocolate and boats. he's also very hyper and loves to go on adventures .

Outfit: A sailor hat with a blue "Z" on it, and a white sailor outfit with a "0" on the scarf.

Mimzy: she's a sassy brave lucario that has alot a spunk she loves to kid around and loves those that have a good sense of humor. she's also Ace's little sister (for those that don't know)

she may also have a little temper issue but she always love to do anything that's fun.

Outfit: A hot pink color scarf.

Akio: He's the very shy type (espesially around girls) he's always quiet but gets scared too often the only person that calms him down is his big sister Mitzumi. He normally clings onto her. he often studders when talking but he loves to join activities.

Outfit: A seagreen scarf.

Zane: He's a very adventurous riolu who loves to go out and have fun. he has a very confident attitude and very brave when facing enemies. but he was taken away from his parents as an egg so he doesn't really know who is parents are.

Outfit: A dark blue scarf.

Yasuna: She's pretty much a tomboy and loves to do things that a normal girl wouldn't do. she hates being called girly or people trying to get her to do girl things. She also likes to battle but she sometimes goes to rough with her battles.

Outfit: A lavender colored cape like scarf with a paw print on it and a dark blue and white hat and two arm bands that she wears as sleeves.

Grant: She's the most popular most used O.C. that I use on my flips (she has so many fans lol) anyway heres her info. She's also the most mature one out of my o.c.'s but she can get silly sometimes, she also has an evil and good side but heres the little funfact, the evil and good side all come from her locket from who she got from a stranger she met long ago her locket has a orb outside of it that changes colors depending on which side is coming out. her locket also can control others (only when Grant is in evil form whom she can't control)

Outfit: An orange scarf with a heart and yellow ribbon tied onto it, and hairclip and two orange braclets with hearts on it that becomes darker when she's in evil form, and blue when she's in good form also a silver locket with an orb on it that changes colors when she's in good/evil form also.

Shock: He's the only pikachu that loves to joke around and have fun he also loves to play "made you look" pranks on others. he's basically always in a happy calm carefree mood but can get mad sometimes. he's also Grant's boyfriend.

Outfit: A red and orange hat with an "S" and lightning bolt mark on it, and a bright red and black scarf and one wristband with a lightning mark on it.

Static: He's the more unique one of my characters (because he's a blue pikachu) he's somewhat the shy type and mostly gets himself into trouble because he always gets used for everything bad (lol wut) he has a huge crush on Grant but she doesn't really like him (....neither does Shock lol) but he's the type who is happy and loves to have adverntures with his friends.

Outfit: A blue striped collar and a blue striped wrist band with an "S" on it.

Rina: (Grant's older sister btw) To tell the truth she's smarter than Grant (lol) She's the type of girl who loves to have fun with family and doing daily activities. she loves to spend time with Grant her sister and Bolt her little brother. She also loves to zap others for no reason at all (lol)

Outfit: A red scarf that will zap you if you touch it and two bracelets with a "R" on it.

Bolt: He's the lonely one of my o.c.s he's not very social with others and is mostly in a bad mood everyday. he's Grant's and Rina's long lost little brother btw, he's also a very young infant like pikachu (basically he's still a child just to make things clear)

Outfit: a pitch black scarf and a black wristband.

Paine: (original name was Darki, also she's half vampire) Paine is a dark emotionaless pikachu, She's also half vampire (kinda because her fur color is a very pale yellow) She has a strange past with Grant's evil side and she often watches Grant. She's also goes crazy when she's well thirsty for blood... but when she's too crazy Moony has a skull stone thing that she uses to calm Paine down (she doesn't like it either though lol) She also takes care of her little partner Smoke, which is a ghost cat.

Outfit: A black ripped up hoody, and a black headband and a skull hair bow. and a ripped up black scarf with the letter "P" on it also a skull necklace and two black bracelets.

Piki: She's also the shy type but she often talks when she wants to, she has a very long scarf that covers her mouth so usually you can't see it. She's also the only pikachu that has a "fox like" tail. She has a little crush on Static but she's too shy and afraid to tell or go near him.

Outfit: A very long yellow, green and blue scarf that's so large, it covers her mouth, and also a blue feather and two bracelets with pink dots on them including a red and pink headband.

Volt: He's a very happy floppy ear pichu who loves to go on adventures. he also loves to have fun with his mom, dad, and little sister, he sometimes get into trouble and he sometimes get's away with it.

Outfit: none

Spark: (She's a spiky ear pichu btw) She's the small young shy one of my o.c.'s, but she loves to play with other little kids. She also loves to color on paper, play with dolls and do little activities with her friends and family. But she also can get lonely and often cries when alone and/or in danger...

Outfit: none

VP66{Voltpichu66} Funfact: voltpichu66 is my youtube user name(if you guys have Youtube and want to find me...) anyway, VP66 is a very misbehaved(fail spelling?) little pichu, he loves to pull pranks on others and doesn't care who he messes with. He's an orphan so he doesn't have any parents(how sad...) so Moony takes care of him. He has a "66" birthmark on his fur(don't really know what that means lol) he gets in trouble so much that he really doesn't care anymore...

Outfit: none

Slash: The mean character of the group. He loves to mess with others and pull pranks but sometimes he doesn't get away with it (lol) he has a rivalry with Ace.

Outfit: A Spiked collar with a skull on it.

Modatu: She's another mature character she's usually nice in person and loves to hang out with others but she sometimes get in bad moods and is kinda over protective. She's possesed by Grant's locket so she has an evil side too (her evil side is more out of hand.)

Outfit: A light blue scarf and a blue bow.

Zoey: She's the calm quiet type that's very nice to others and she's never really mean to anyone but can be overprotective. She also loves to collect shiny bells that she uses for crafts and makes things with.

Outfit: A blue ribbon with a silver and gold bell on it.

Hideo: He's the shy type and he loves to be nice and kind to others and he's never mean to anyone. He's so nice that he doesn't understand how to do pranks and do mean things but when he tries to do one he gets caught but he doesn't have a clue what to do thus being scolded for what he did.

Outfit: none

Shade: He's like any other zorua, he loves t



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drawing cartoons, anime, chibi