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Sup everybody~ Just letting you guys know, if any of you mess with てaれglたやaw , ~Ichigo<3 ,Otter,St3ph5780, or Kirby2011, I'll Beat you up XD

Lol Jk, I know てaれglたやaw,Otter,St3ph5780, chibi-tan:),and ~Ichigo<3 in real life, and Kirby2011, I wanna be your BFF XD Other people who I'll always back up:

Gamer∴Girl,Ashly, ☆Sam★, Aubrey<3★,A.T.M, Meta$Kirby, Kàbì, HoshiiVore, $w!f↑$h@d€, Neko Ally♪, and Ku®◎ひるagi★ !! Wow.. alot of people.. Info about myself below...


Age:13 (almost 14 :D)


Real Name:Loren

Main O.Cs- Galaxy Knight, Charon, Arrio, Kimeko, Razor, Frostleaf,and Metaclaw

Things I like- KIRBY!!!! Warrior Cats, Chao, Yaoi, MLP FTW!!, Anime, Vocaloids.. Tacos..

Proud to say I am Bisexual~ :D