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╚══╩═╩═╩═╩═╩╩╩╩═╝ to my account!! ;P

I'm [emoji:n01]LU£$™ (who wants to know my real name.. boring -3-)!! my birthday is in december 2 i'm 14 years old!! i'm a shy, mischievous (sometimes) girl!!

and i love been on hatena i'm here not to be popular just to improve my drawings skills, i have.. not much time been here that's why my flips don't have much movements i'm still learning but i'm trying my best to animate!!

I love sonic the hedgehog characters!! sonic is my fav characters and couple you can figure it out!! XD!!

i draw sonic(characters), animals, anime, and other things!! not much though!!<3

I LOVE playing video games!! i'm a gamer girl!! ;P <3

I'm absolutely not girlish those things bother me!! though i'm more girlish than tomboy!!

I have 5 sonic O.C (i decided not to make a lot of o.c cuz then i forget about them and don't draw them so why wasting a design when i can modify my other o.c to make them look better *only the hair and cloth though*) all are base on the sonic games cuz the comic I HATE THEM with a passion! h

Here is a list them:

Shimmer Fox (main O.C) she is a sweet, kind, mischievous girl!!

Katy Claws she is a rough, kind, excited girl!! (she is a sweetheart when she loves something)

Amethyst Skunk she is a charismatic, respectful girl!! but she sometimes can be little mischievous not like Shimmer!!

Swift the Fox he is a calm, honest, boy!! he is only shy when it comes to love =w= *note: he is not fast like sonic*

Rex R. the worf he is a tough (that's what gave him his name) kind heart boy (though he looks mean)!! he is a kind heart boy though many people think he is mean (remember don't judge a book by its cover) when he is in love he is more kind & sweet (not too annoying)!! *personally i Love how i design his shoes!*

Hablo espanol por si unos quieren commentar en espanol!! translaria todo esto en espanol pero tengo flojera!!XD


down below is about what is happening recently with me

People do you think saying "i hate you" or "stupid" (stupid is not a badword o.k) only cuz i draw sonamy will stop me from drawing it?! i kind of fell bad but you don't even know me and you are saying you hate me!! some of you are so unbelievable!! if you don't like sonamy or my flips why in the world are you doing watching them and commenting!! just if you don't like don't comment!! I don't want to sound mean or anything!! <:(

i really didn't want to say this guys but... i can get tired of your bad treatments (4 some of you)*

i'm in deviant art too: