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Whats new: 7-9-12

thats the theme that reminds me of my oc.

credit to the owner of youtube.

Im almost half way done with the afro rescue.

Im bringing back the ask a question flip starting 6-18-12 that means leave a comment and it has to be a funny questions.

Summer Goals

1 be ranked 1 in america (best rank 113)

2 (X)earn 50 green stars by linking flips onto my channel that doesnt have 2,000 flips on it (compeleted on 6/26/12)

3 reach 600 fans.(compeleted 7-9-12)

About the afro rescue:(official and will make)

This series is an extra part of first strike. Right after afro toad gets his pay check for working at the movie theater he gets attacked by Frs and its up to sky (me) jiro,pat,skye and pikachu to save him and FOR REAL FINISH off the Fr for GOOD.

Ill try to be on more often

Any questions? Ill be on skype: eliteskyshaymin is my skype name :D

Hatena goals:

well i finished most of them i only have 1 goal is to ranked one at least 1 time before i leave hatena

About Pure Heart(Outlaws On The Run 3): (still thinking about)

If you have been following me in my past series you will know whats going on :D but yeah about the series, In outlaws on the run 2 Skyshaymin and melissa was send on a specail misson to 100 pit of trails to stop a spy from stealing the pure hearts. Skyshaymin and melissa founded the spy. He was an Elite Dark Pirate from the dark world. The Dark pirate offered a trade and Skyshaymin refused to accept the offer so he had to battle the pirate because he told Skyshaymin that he will make sure that the hole world will try to defeat him. After the battle Skyshaymin and his team trained to become more skilled and stronger for the next biggest adventure. the main goal is to get all 8 Pure hearts before the Outlaws take them and control the world.

main charaters:













Toon link (?)

main outlaws:


anti-(shadow thing that transforms into people)



popple(from mario and luigi superstar saga)

Dark pirates


White Mage

Black Mage



And pretty much everyone who had a battle with him in the past XD

If you are watching my series from the start my drawing will be kinda bad but as we go on my drawings will be better.thank u to those people for watching my series.