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Hi this is me, you people can just call me sobe. so yeah i have to put a little bit about me so here i go. I have a cat named Bob and my nicknames are Tabby or skittles you can also call me by those if you want it is fine so moving on, I have had a snake, a bird, a cat, a dog, a ferret, a fish and a whole lot more pets than i remeber, I love my grandmas cat Jack or we call him Jack-attack yeah he drools alot and if he sees white in his food bowl he thinks he is being starved and right now he is pushing on my arm making my arm move and so i am sorry about any misspelled words and words you cant understand and if you have any questions you can contact me on gaia that is going to be spelt out on the url box thingy and search for a person named harajuku_kitty_99 and thats me or if you need to just leave a comment on one of my flipnotes so yeah thats as about im am going to tell you guys, oh yeah and y have a youtube account and just sarch on there my vocaloids voice. KK se you later

- Umbreon

p.s. dont snd stupid things lik hey wassup or talking like a gangstar or i will destroy your comment KK