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my name's adam I'm 20 and I have a job and stuff because that's what adults do and I'm an adult... so there

I like to play video games and draw and collect T-shirts... and... uhhh... that's about it... there's not a lot to me I guess...

favorite games: Earthbound, no more heroes, earthbound 2(mother 3) paper mario thousand year door,Psyconauhts and team fortress 2

favorite animes: Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis evangelion, FMA brotherhood, code geass and gurren lagann

guilty pleasure- K-ON

Favorite comic books: V for vendetta, Batman: the dark knight returns and the losers

"no matter how tough or scary things get just remember to keep a sence of humor"

thats a quote that always stuck with me... I don't know just thought I'd share that with you

well thats all I can think of to write down so bye bye or see you around