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~last updated July 14th~

Hey guys! welcome to my page. I like cats, drawing,to many animes, and videogames.

i own a 3Ds and Ds. i have over 30 ds games and on my 3Ds, i have/ am getting: Mariokart7 (have), Pac-man and GalaGia dimensions(have), Super Street Fighter 4 3D(have),Cartoon network Punchtime Explosion(have),Super Mario 3D land(have), Kid Icarus:Uprising (have), Paper Mario: Sticker Star (getting in December 2012), Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon (getting in december 2012)

also, check out my new Kid icarus: Uprising fan art at account:

and support the fail whale!





If you don`t, i WILL find you, and i WILL tr0ll you.