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hello you may know me as firefoxy's cousin,im so happy im gonna get my account!!(ive been waiting 5 ever lol), so any ways im just here to say thatFIIIIINNNNAAAALLLLYYYYY!!! so yah just needed to let that out so yeah so the reason why i came to hatena is that my cousin inspierd me so much so the year before this one i kept asking my mother to get me adsi xl so i kept asking ....and asking till i got one,the other reason is that i alwaysed loved to draw and stuff, also i loved to draw, so im here at hatena to draw Sonikku moji(sonic characters or ソニック文字)and my on characters too ,im a fun creator you,ll never know what ill do next!!!.so be on watch!!flips im working on

:misery-maron 5(maybe)[?]

wild one-flo rida[]uh meh dont know any charas yet

werewolf boy friend-fright ranger[]amy rose and sonia lee

someone like you-adele[x]queen sonia lee ewe

activate my heart-natalia kills[]mecha sally

numb by likin park[1/4]alicia acorn ans sally acorn

sonic adventure 3chaos madness ewe[]a series tee hee

ican walk on water i can fly -absol ewe

breeanna's request

southbelle's request

snowfoxys request

and edwins contsest im almost done just hold on plz!1

and a fan mv so uhh yeah

my characters:

sonia lee

hott sonia lee..NO FRUIT!

queen sonia lee 35yrs

linsay the echidna

emma the cat

asha the hyena

jeff the husky/wolf

jack the husky/wolf

massie the cat (anti emma the cat)

h4nna(pronounced as hanna)

spirit the hedghog

spikes the hedgehog

dash the cheetah

lea-san(anti sonia lee)

stars the cat

dawn the cat

eve the eagle

brittany the cat

deoone the owl/swan

alia lee

atheais(might not be shown)

jo jo(me,coming soon!!)

yeah i might make so more.... anyways bye for know.

herow, me again i made me new characters so here they are

jayden the cheetah dash's gf

pyro the cat (anti blaze)

classic sonia lee lolz

and chibi lee(basically the chibi version off sonia lee for exaple

:chibi rose ,chibi version of amy)

and citius(my pokemon o.c, yeah i like pokemon too)

betsy the racoon (anti marine).

zoe zebra

skythe the wolf

bella the beagle

snow the rabbit

the duke(hes a duck dB>)

roxxi the mouse

robina hood(3rd demension sonia lee)

lady elaine(knight version of sonia lee)

ace hearts the nightmaren-witch

evlyn the nightmaren-witch

oh yeah im also making an litte story thing so yeah...

it going to be epic..atlest i think wow i talk alot but the funny thing about it is that i never told anything about mehh....hmm.

so ok i guess ill tell you about me so yeah uhh... meh name is joslynn gota problem with it? okay im a huge fan when it comes to sonic and anime but sonic mre souhh(mostly in stupid talk lol) yeah im thirteen i haz dark hazel eyes that poeple comment on every day thats so annoying but love the attention so uhh...meh birthday is on november 3rd

my inspirations are scourgeboom wispy luna wolf abril( are so fricken awesome!!)somtimes meh self and fire foxy meh cuz 030 .oh yeah im thinking about signing up for scholars in eighth grade umm lets see im one of the nicest people youll ever meet ,i hate ,well dislike when i make people sad... im always the first to appologize i hate nasty things like yaoi and yuri and nudity and stuff like that and also ill always put nice comments about somthing unless if someone copies meh or cyber bullies or complain about the small things in life, wait thats the mean jo jo coming out so yeah bye.






november 3rd

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0_0 wut you talkin bout willis?!?!? JK


0_- y-you serious?!?!?

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nunya binia XD


likes to draw


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i love b-ball

i play the violin and

im really sarcastic (does that count?)



japanese ^^

canadian ehh!!XD




wut??!! 0-0;


Comics liked bleach / ultimo?!?!? / alottt more..