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Hi! My name is Spike, im a 11 year old boy that LOVES ANIMATING! I love drawing animating, and being and an artist. I love playing football and baseball. My real name is (No Longer Available). You should check out my new series M+L Bros. (Mario+Luigi Bros.) and also check out my epic friends flips. (listed below) ,y favoritest creator of all time is Evan $G no matter what anybody says. i hope one day he will fav me because hes so epic. I hope to grow as an animator and have more friends on flipnote hatena! P.S. anyone want to interview me?

Time for Q&A’s… Here we go!

Q.How old are you?

A. Please read about my biography at the top of the page. 10! XD

Q.CAN YOU FAV MEEEEEEE? (not begging)

A.I usually don’t have to many people ask me that. If you ask on a randomly on one of my flips than no. But if you want me to fav you let me get to know you first and you get to know me better.

Q.Want to be pals/friends?

A.Sure, ill be friends with anyone

Q.Im gonna make you and icon!


Q.Do you have a Dsi or a DsiXL?


Q.Sonic or Mario?


Q.Are you a squirtling?

A.Yes, but not a very good one.

Q.Whos your favorite creator?

A.JT, $quirt, Evan $G, Seekermon, McBoo, etc.

Q.When did you get your first red star?

A.August 1st, 2012

Q.Do you you think you will ever become the most popular animator on hatena?

A.I dont really care about stars or popularity. I just like having friends and animating on hatena. But if I had to say YES or NO to that question, than no I dont think I would ever become the most popular creator on hatena.

Q.Do any of your school friends have a flipnote hatena account?

A.Sadly no…

Q.When did you first start hatena?

A.Idk… probably about a year ago. XD

Q.Can you enter my contest?

A.If its a star contest: NO! If its and icon contest: Mabye, if I have the time.

Q. Ever thought about quitting in your whole carrer of hatena.

A. no, not really. But i've thought of taking a break for a really long time.

Thats all! :D

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Flipnotes Coming Soon:

M+L 5 (season 2 premiere)

asdf movie 5 (10% done)

winner mv

winner flips

so good mv

suite life mv

liar liar scene

Some of my epic friends!


$DB2 .O.






Fire Spirit






Pie Man 12








Fave all of them now! :)

hatena goals:

100 fans

60 fans: CHECK! :D

500 fans

500,000 stars

100,000 stars

25,000 stars on one flipnote

200 green stars

50 red star

50,000 stars: Check

1 blue star

1 red star: Unbelievable! CHECK!

1 purple star

get 500# rank in creators. -Check!


Ok heres an interwiew by firespirit! here we go.

Q:Hi A: Hey

Q:whats ur favorite kind of flipnote A: probeably comedy flips made out of stick figures.

Q: do u like interveiws A: YES

Q: have u ever thought about using hatena haiku A. yes xD

Q: wuts ur favorite sport A: probably football or baseball

Q:who's ur biggest inspiration A: Idk, mabye squirt or evan sg.

Q: theres this thing on my hatena account and it shows you all ur freinds bout ur not on mine because u never faved me so can u fav me? A: sure ill fave you since you know me and i know you and stuff. dB

Q: did u like this interveiw A: yeah it was alot fun! :D

Q: good because its over A: dang it i wish it was longer..... lol XD

If anyone wants to write me a interview in the comments ill fill it out here. :V