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Hola I is rebel <3 and i lik to draw, dance, and sing lol im a purty good singer!

a few facts bout me >:D

1.)My real name is Michelle

2.)Im a very big perv

3.)Im kinda famous at school for drawing inappropriate pictures >:D

4.)I have a few friends on here: Molly, TDT4ever, Ep!C, Hotamolie, Cowgurl, Fallen/Lacy, Rawrz,and Michiko/ Mimi


6.)Im fourteen and im 86 lbs and im 4"11

7.)Mah Birfday is 911

10/16/11: Ohh god i just watched the video for "Im sexy and i know it" LMFAO i didnt like the wiggle dance 0.0

lol ok stop stalking me and get on with ur pointless life >:D

11/23/11:right now im kinda obbsessed with reses peanut butter cups XD and my desktop wallpaper is a zebra behind a tree XD hes playin hide and go seek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDD