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Chatroom Roolz!

No Spam

No Flaming

No Swears (Exept for Cr@p & P!$$)

No Smexuil Talk/Content

No Star begging

No Askin ppl to Fave you

No Online Dating

No Acting Like a @$$#0\E

Act your Age

& No Taliking Bout JB!

or else... Search This Link Everytyme you break The Roolz.


BRAWL FC: 0389-2848-2115

Freinds - Kris, Mason, Seth/Shadow R., & Ninja

I Have a Maple Story!

Name Spencer123we

World Galacia

Job Evan

Lvl 15

Thx & Gud By!

S.A.G.A (Stawrs are Greatly Appricieted)