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Hey! ShadowPaw here. I kinda just what to introduce myself here :)

My favorite color is blue and purple :P My favorite animal is a wolf. They are flippin amazing dB<

OMG also if you haven't watched a T.V. anime show called Soul Eater. You are gonna love it! Its hilarious and has really good characters! My favs are Crona, Maka, Soul, Professor Stein (dissection will come upon you if you don't like him >:D) Death The Kid, and Justin. Best anime show EVA!

Okay anyway I love to sing, draw, and play video games :P Btw if you have an xbox360 you can add me as Shadowpaw9899 :)

You can also find me on....

Facebook: ShadowPaw Flipnote Hatena

Xbox360: Shadowpaw9899

Yep thats basically it dB

Okay anyway lets talk about Flipnotes and Hatena :)

Goals: *get at least 100 fans

get over 50,000 stars

make at least 5 friends (Done)

Improve on my drawing skills (Kinda done)

have a really good creator to be my fan :3 (Done)

Friends :)




Gun Freak





If I forgot you, tell me so I can put you on here :)

I also have my first Channel on here and I would really appreciate it if people would link to it <:) ShadowPaw's Epic Channel

I'm also looking forward from my second year on here :) Unfortunate that the first year I was gone like about half the year, but I promise I'll try to not make it happen again, ok? <:)

And thats it. Well i hope to do great things!

I hope I at least get notice ^w^ Okay bai!