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Hi, my name is StarGaze! My name was originally Skystar but I decided to change it due to have Skystar being to commen


StarGaze- my main character for hatena. She is not my fusona although. She also has earth powers

Feathertail-One of wierded out charcters. Cousins with Shardspirit

Raccoonpelt- a cross between a cat and a raccoon

Ericka (Me)- my fusona. She is a wolf that is alot like me :P

Shardspirit- A NINJA!!

Blue Fox- A fox that was born blue. a fox i owned beforei signed up to hatena

Phoenix- a somewhat test subject.

BlueMoon- my ph.syco baby ram.

Doctor Sammy Shiro- my doctor :D she is a Female with a nurse hat, but now she has a test subject (Phoenix) who she tests on. She is not a nurse but used to be one. Awkward and full American with some irish in her :3

Wave- she is a wolf that I adopted from NeonWolf. Wave has goddess powers that none of my o.cs have. She can float without wings, she has water and earth powers, and more of protective wolf. She would be an angel to anyone who she thinks deserves protection.

Bones- A houndour. He acts like a soldier and is very protective.

Envy- A girl snivy with accesiories.

Aqua- A heartless rabbit with the power of water.

Autunm, winter, spring, summer- All females exept for Spring. They are all zangeese and each hold their own power of the seasons.

Suta- A japense/english girl also known to be in my series, "beams of blue"

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(X) 15 Fans

(X) 50 Fans

() 100 Fans

() Over 200 Fans

() Get 30 Green Stars

() Get a Red star

() Get A blue Star

() Get a Purple Star

I lost my stars ;(

()Get faved by chirin (Gone :()

()Get faved by Deyna (Gone ;()

() Be friends or be faved by EpicGuitar

() Be friends or be faved by ShineyEevee

() Get faved by


(X) get faved by ari cat

()Get faved by Hailfire

() Get faved by virtus

() Be a popular creator just like my inspirations (I pray and hope this will happen)

Heya! My name is Ericka and im 14 years old! Im a singer, drawer, and animater. Im a Floridain and my home town is Michigain. i love Kingdom Hearts and i cosplay sora in YouTube. StarGaze is often used outside of hatena. i have 2 other cats that represent me on other sites. Here is where you can find me:

YouTube: RevoNeko77

deviantART: Duskstar77

Facebook: StarGaze Hatena

Ok thx bieee! I will keep this thing updated as much as I can


( oWo)

( ^ d)

(O O)----- StarGaze

Last Updated July 3rd 2012

Btw!!!! Im gettin sick and tired of the false reporting! Its not funny anymore and if its to get green stars.... BEAT IT!!!! Dont report me for the stars cuz its not worth it. I would never false report cuz those green stars would mean guilt to me and probably to you to!! To the false reporter people and the false reporter wanna-bes out there... STOP IT NOW CUZ ITS NOT FUNNY!!!! I work very hard and put effort into those flipnotes! How would you feel if you got false reported on a flip that you put so much effort on huh? You would feel angry now wouldnt you! Well thats how I feel so stop it!! You would think false reporting me is a joke?? Well it isnt so QUIT IT!!!! I will email hatena if I have to! Yes I am a tatle tale so quit it to who ever is doing it!! So to false reporters, Report me for no reason will be tatletaled! Next time this happens, I will email them! Im seriouse about this! I will keep this in my wall forever if I have too >(