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Hai y'all~

I'm Jordan/Star, whatever you wanna call me. :D

I'm a 14 year old girl (turning 15 on 9/18) with A.D.H.D

I'm going into 9th grade. ^___^ I'm so excited!

I currently have the most wonderful boyfriend ever, Lupin/Mario. I love him soooo much. <3 Too bad we live so far apart. </3

I like PORTAL (<3333), Sonic, Pokemon, Half-Life, anything by Valve Software, Legend of Zelda, (, reading, writing FanFics, My Little Pony, Okami, chillin' with my bronies/friends, and being lazy. :D

Some random facts:

I love yaoi. My yaoi OTP is Nellis. (Nick x Ellis from L4D2) :) Sorry Mario. ^^;

I have an amazing 11 year old step-bro~ I luv ya bro!

I take figure skating lessons~

I can beat Portal 2 in 2 1/2 hours

I live in Massachusetss

My OTP's (one true pairing's) are WheatDOS (Wheatley x GLaDOS), Cavoline (Cave x Caroline) and Sonamy

I can beat Dark Queen Merlina in Sonic and the Black Knight in under an minute

I'm currently working on a Chell cosplay for PAX East 2012

I have really low self-esteem and I'm really self-concious.

I own an Xbox 360, Wii, DSi, 3DS, Gameboy Color and a Gameboy Advance SP

I'm the laziest and unfit skinny girl you will ever meet

I support h.omosexuals and b.isexuals, even though I'm straight. :) Love is love no matter what, is it not?

I'm a very peaceful person when it comes to couplings, meaning I don't anti-ship anything. I may not support it, but I won't go hating on people who do support it. :)

....Yeah that's it. ^____^ Bye!