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  • Cynthiaa aka Ezzie '
  • Jun. 26' 14 Years Younnqq .
  • My Bestfriendd ; Meghan Philips
  • Family, Friends, Drakee, &' Hello Kitty ♥ '
  • FresshMann ;; Valenciaaa Hiqqh Schoool . . .
  • iLikee Meetinqq New Peoplee(:
  • Am Such A Weird, Crazy, Loud, Lauqhable, Always Smilinqq, Dumb, Shy Guuuurl :DD
  • [Hmtfu] Dnnt Bee A Stranqeeeer ;O
  • How Much ‹ I d q a f › ██████████████████ 1OO %
  • I Am Who I Am ;; Dnnt Likee Mee Gtfoo . # NuuuffSaaidd (;
  • I've Made Mistakes In My Life. I've Let People Take Advantaqe Of Me And I Accepted Way Less Than I Deserve But, I've Learned From My Bad Choices Even Thouqh There Are Some Thinqs I Can Never Get Back And People Who Will Never Say Sorry I'll Know Better Next Time And I WONT Settle For Anythinq Less Than iDeserve ♥ '

iLove You Enrique' ♥

Ahaa I Fell In Love With You Likee Rite From The Start. Your The Best && You Always Know Exactly What To Say:] Youuurr So Cutee && Nicee haha && You'll Alwaaays Be In Myh Heart. iLove You iLove you iLove You<3. Neverr Forget Causee If U Do U'll Break My Heart/:... Im Sooo Happy && Extremely Lucky That Your My Bf<3 Everyy Girl Shud Be Jealous That Yhur Minee Ahaa ;] Well Id Say Moree But This Is Already Hella Loong So Yeah xD