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Hello fans, friends, and strangers!

Welcome to my channel! Its great to know that I can make flipnotes, and share 'em with my BFFs! My flips sometimes take awhile to make, but its worth all the trouble! :) Sometimes I make really sloppy videos, but other times they are just... just...

WOW!!! Now, a litte about myself,I am a FEMALE, if you were wondering... :-) I love to write, draw, & act. My B-day is around the end of October, so special shout out or something would be nice... :) I'm very busy when school starts, but I'll do my best to be online.

Things I'm Proud Of:

Helped closest friend in need

Became a flipnote Plus person for 30 days

Earned FIRST 1000 stars

Found my truest friends: Pokefreak Shadowed InvadrShelX Invader Gar



Sonja- A shy,one. Yes, goth, she has strong feelings for you... Get over it!! sometimes Sonja is inspired by Goth to act... naughty. :) she is still learning who are her true friends are,... and who aren't.

Power: Shadow/flying

27 in bat years

Starry- Starry's real name is StarStruck. He is seriously a floating and talking star!He is also a true friend. Warning! Starry has SERIOUS brain damage from his crash! He can be a little crazy & random, but serious when a friend is in need. Starry also has a dark side.

Power: All

Age: 1,000,000,000 years old. (1 years old in human years)

Crona-(new!) a devil/angle/ cat, her type is called Dangle (angle/devil) crona is 13 years old, and because of her dads nature, crona has a small crush on one of the beings! She has a devil tail, fur is a light gray, and has a halo or a 'ring' is what greed calls it. Her dangerous looking tail can wrap up someone and is used for attacking, and/or mating. Crona has a 'mission' to greet the beings, wearing an disguise so good, she will not look like a female, but if she has to, she will battle them...

Power: wind

Age: 13

Fur Mark-

Coal- a mysterious character, who is trying to find out who he is, what his 'birth marks' or as you know, fur marks, mean,and why HE came from the sky.

18 in wolf years

Sparz- She's brave & has a wild side. Also has a small crush on Coal.

17 in wolf years

Scarr- Sparz's older sister, Scarr is always alone scarr hates coal...

21 in wolf years

Darkcroz (NEW!)- (pronounced: Dark cross) mean and quiet. His 'dark gifts' are 'special' and is often wanting to battle. In love with someone, but isn't sure who yet. 23 in wolf years

Bio about My O.C. (main character) Sonja:

Sonja, is a shy gal. She sometimes is pretty... umm... Naughty. Her father is a cat, and her mother was a bat. Sonja is mostly bat.But one day, when Sonja was only 2 years old, Her father became mad and killed Sonja's mom, and also tried to kill Sonja but she got away. :) But right before sonja left, a shinning star was crashing down to earth (Starry) and Sonja made a wish:

" On this star, I wish... for someone... to take care of me... and love me." And she sort of got that. When a deadly thunder storm came around, sonja went inside a building, and when she looked up, she saw Goth, knowing that he was the one Sonja had wished for. But Goth sadly has other plans. :( Sonja,realized she knew where her farther was. Of course she went down to free him,and she came face to face with Evil, And Sonja became something, or Someone else. So for now, a lot of drama is in Sonja's paws. (LOL! I typed a lot.)

So thank you for reading & have a happy random day!