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Aye, for everyone whos readiing this crap over here :'') : Like yhoow all noticed ; im not that much on hatena anymore ;''( *wheeeeh!* and im sorry for that, cuz their are some people who are waiting for me signing their autograph books ;$ .But its not ma fault ;O (nah..actually ..IT IS 0_____0 ). Before my dsi was taken by my mom , i was playn alot on it and she didnt liked that, so she deciced to take it away from me D: HOW COULD SHE!? dam**crap***shit*aaah! Im not able to go on hatenna anymo TT^TT , this sucks alot.....Well ..a bye for now i fink (?) *^* Bye guyz (I MIZZ U ALL!! (L) :''( ) xoxox Babygirl (that silly girl of flipnote :) Btw: if peeps wanna add me on msn (?) here is ma msn; mamikusje@hotmail.com (no capslock or otha shit) . LUV JOE ALL! x