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Hey it's Sydney!! I am a nice person but if you put me in a bad mood your in for a different side of me that isn't so nice. I love going on adventures and exploring around places i've never been before. I love music and art so as you can tell I am an artistic person. I hate working and school because it is boring. I don't know how to explain myself it is hard. umm soo yeahh. I like art, make-up, music, long hair on boys(Insider), flowers, being crazy, warm water, rainy days, ice cream, late night phone calls, talking to the ones you love, flying kites, walking on the beach, being with my friends, playing games, partying, waving at strangers in the mall, playing skip it, staying up very late, having TONS of fun. I have a lot of friend they are all very important to me. I also have people who hate me but they try to get on my nerves but I ignore them they aren't important enough to pay attention to. People sometime misjudge for the way I act or what I look like but people say I have a good attitude, good personality, and I am smart. I like it when I see people helping others it reminds me that life isn't that bad after all

urban dictonary sydney: an amazing girl. the most beautiful girl to ever walk the earth, hands down. living in a tiny town, surrounded by idiots, she strives not to be sucked into their black hole of ignorance. she doesn't belong there, and needs to escape, soon, before its to late. everyone she meets falls head over heals for her in an instant. although very, very, veryyyy sarcastic, her presence is the drive that gets many through a hard day. she hits pretty hard, but if you can take it, the outcome is well worth it. she's nothing like you have ever met, because she's so incredibly fantastic. nothing can stop her from being the bomb diggity times infinity, and she's definitely the bee's knees. the cutest girl ever. from head to toe, inside and out she is 100% cute. a very small girl with very expressive eyes who makes cute noises and hums all the time. the prettiest most beautiful girl in the whole wide world. most likely to be found somewhere in vt or the northeast, but with hopes to travel the world. a girl who is in love with macs. don't even try to argue pc's are better with her. a super polite and very chill girl. pretty much perfect, need i say more?