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A special world for you and me

A special bond one cannot see

It wraps us up in its cocoon

And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold

Gently nestling us to the fold

Like silken thread it holds us fast

Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break

A new one forms in its wake

To bind us closer and keep us strong

In a special world, where we belong.

My love, I have tried with all my being

to grasp a form comparable to thine own,

but nothing seems worthy;

I know now why Shakespeare could not

compare his love to a summer’s day.

It would be a crime to denounce the beauty

of such a creature as thee,

to simply cast away the precision

God had placed in forging you.

Each facet of your being

whether it physical or spiritual

is an ensnarement

from which there is no release.

But I do not wish release.

I wish to stay entrapped forever.

With you for all eternity.

Our hearts, always as one.

  • Anthony Kolos -

If I could have just one wish,

I would wish to wake up everyday

to the sound of your breath on my neck,

the warmth of your lips on my cheek,

the touch of your fingers on my skin,

and the feel of your heart beating with mine...

Knowing that I could never find that feeling

with anyone other than you.

  • Courtney Kuchta -

I love the way you look at me,

Your eyes so bright and blue.

I love the way you kiss me,

Your lips so soft and smooth.

I love the way you make me so happy,

And the ways you show you care.

I love the way you say, "I Love You,"

And the way you're always there.

I love the way you touch me,

Always sending chills down my spine.

I love that you are with me,

And glad that you are mine.

  • Crystal Jansen -

A gentle word like a spark of light,

Illuminates my soul

And as each sound goes deeper,

It's YOU that makes me whole

There is no corner, no dark place,

YOUR LOVE cannot fill

And if the world starts causing waves,

It's your devotion that makes them still

And yes you always speak to me,

In sweet honesty and truth

Your caring heart keeps out the rain,

YOUR LOVE, the ultimate roof

So thank you my Love for being there,

For supporting me, my life

I'll do the same for you, you know,

My Beautiful, Darling Wife.

A stranger you were once.

Then, with a gentle look you took my hand.

As our lives engaged,

you lit my life and I held both your hands.

Now that decades have passed,

ours souls have indeed become one.

How fortunate we are

that we have found the love so true

that everyone dreams about.

  • Laura Veronica Merodio -