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Hello I'm tametoy and here's some info about me.

I started on March,31,2012

1. I play ROBLOX (Account: tametoy)

2. On ROBLOX I own a group of 100+ people (Phoenix Army!)

3. I wanna really become famous/successful on flipnotes

4. I use ALOT of O.Cs that are all mine (Last I counted I had 8 XD)

5. People I wanna be a friend with and/or get faved by are:

Squirt (Not yet)

Seekermon (Not yet)

Ink Inc. (✓)

Grenade (He watched my flipnote before)

Comit (✓)<--- First flipnote friend, EVER!

AfRo ToAd (Not yet) I love gadget!

Bombster (✓)

Taken (✓)

HINT ON NEXT THING: Konik is gonna have a run for his money.