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Hey! Mallorie here :) i havent been on because ive been MEGA ULTRA GROUNDED for some certain things id rather not say on here... but yeah im probably disliked by my old friends here :( cause i havent been on to explain myslef, and im not supposed to be on now either but im sneaking because i need to update this. im grounded till like, the end of time so idk if ill be on again... but i love my friends even if they might of given up on me which i predicted would happen so i focused on my school work and more important things other than a form of online game i guess you could call this. But ive moved on from past times too, i have a lovely girlfriend that i met this year in school, she was a new student that came in a month before school ended, shes beautiful and i love her to death, she has lovely brown hair and glowing green eyes that make me melt. hehe, she loves coming over to my house, if ya know what i mean ;) and ive dyed my hair again, its blonde and brown, highlighted layers all over of each, and i have my blue eyes and shortness c: idk if ill be on but thats just who i am! i love you all c: bai. <3