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Natalya is the name(: colors are red and greyy. dont like the football team ohio tho. loves my group<3 sports are basketball#14, volleyball#5, cross country, trackk. cotton candy. strawberry bubbblelocous gum. hello kitty. more later kbuh bye(:

other one: Natalya is the name(: colors are red and greyy. dont like the footballl team ohio tho. loves my group<3 sports are basketball#14, volleyball#5, cross country, trackk. cotton candy. strawberry bubbblelocous gum. hello kitty. sour patch kids. cherry jollyranchers. lollypops. photography. photography in college study. upgraded from tinypikk to photobucket(: youth group-. my bestie-ava. hollister. abercrombie. american eagle. pacsun. wet-seal. the internet. my email. texting. prank calling? or prank caller? cat person. loves dogs. hates cheese. smiley faces(: mr.goodbar(: chocolate. vanilla icecream. mint icecream. superman icecream is my favee! fishing. loves football seasonn. loves backyard barbeques. watermelon. water ballons. fireworkks! hates reading. bedtime stories when i was young! lol(: that would be creepy for a 13 year old to have bedtime stories! skateboarding; rollerskates; ohio skate; rollerskate basketball; gets hurtt a lot(: night lightts(: christmas trees. christmas. imma christen. im a money spender. i hatee the colorr pink. princesses are too preppy. i prefer the punkk. lol(: jk, but anythingg but princess. ugh, and i really hate tests. im prepared for them. i just then do well. i get C’s on a test. and A’s and B’s on homework. average grade, A’s and B’s. i got these teachers i think are tottaly awesome and some i want to kickk out of the world. my room. never come out of. it’s my hangout. its where i haveeee to do homework, sleep till 2pm. realllyyyy! and where i get away from everting. braces, ugh, hate them. i have clearr, so its pretty good. scared of clowns, and spiders. or any ttype of bug insect thing. subway is the way to go. five dollar foot longs! spicyy itilan. oh lol(: and my nicknames are highlighter, salid dressing, and theres like one more but i forgot it. oh well(: i text 24/7. get the digets and texttt me! or call. i prefer calling tho. ahhh tveee? MTVVVV to the maxxx! or teen nickk. computer. tv. ipod. rockin the ipod!!!! dsi. cellular phone. electric tuthbrush. stupidd tests i fail. random cat tests i ace it! diet coke is way better than just cokke. pepsi, nah, ill pass. thanks tho. mom they don’t care if the house is a mess, they just want to comee over! i hate batteryy low. why are you sleeping in class? hmm maybe cuz we woke up at 6 to get here! when you textt someone, you’r on your way when you haven’t even lefted your house yet. i can sense sour patch kids!!!! haha yeah theyre not here right now tho. but hey i wishhh! oh and also i loveeee hentena. i checkk my status daily. like 5 times a dayy! i thinkk of good times and badd times. haha. and when yewhh come back from a trip all yewhh talk about is how bad it went! haha! hate math. its my best subject. hate geography. and its my whorstt subject. science is okayy. sometimes its not always the best when you have liars around you. haha next to me. shes lied to me soo many times. i don’t lie to her, but i guess i should becausee she lies to me. ugh, Michigan historyyy! is terrible! one like 2 of my friends are there. and i sit by this jerkk head. haha reminds me of airheads! no but really. deer. moose. raccoons. eagles. elk. buffalo. bearrrs! rawrrrr! i love the woods. my uncles cabin is awesome. i used to take walks with my cuzin and bbrother. haha but the bad is that im the only girl n my family. well like all. except one on my dads side. and they like likke 3 hours away. plus shes in college. so we only see them at christmass. and maybe in the summer when we have them over at out cottage. i do likke popcornn!!! the like really buttery stuff. mmmm. im the trouble kid. i don’t care tho. what do i have to lose? i have big plans for after college!!!! but then when im scareed i cancle those plans and think what i couldnt do without them. evil. no. nice. no. then wha? idekk. country. pop. more? i forgot. haha. just the sameeee. nope. not gonna happeern. i like to change. girly? yuckkk! sour then sweet. like a sour patch kidd! yeshhh! organizing stuff. haha epicc fail. photography, its my game. walmart. love. target. love. mall. loveeeeeee. dentist???? ahhhhhhhhhhhh! no club. hmm. maybe in high school. but for now there are none. yepperzzz. and i alsooooo lovvvveeee; summeerrr! its just a good time. lol i always ware jeans in the summer. haha backk to jeans. i like the “destroyed” kindd of jeans. like ripped and faded out. well yeahh. idekkk. that just camee to mindd. oh and i makeeee my ownnnn layouts. i just need a code, and i edit. nope, not for you. that’s what the ownnnnnn partt is for. haha. anyways. idekk text me okayy? kbuh byeeee(: more later kbuh bye(: