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Evan Bane the greatest anti terrorist of the internet game Clone Wars Adventures

I am from Mandalore I am not a mandalorian I am currently Chancellor of Ally Forces my army against the terrorists we have expanded here to get rid of more terrorists. Applications are out if you want to join.We got the Evan Bane awards in 3 days where we award the biggest fans with awards! A chat will be uploaded for the night anyone who is negative there expect to be blocked!You will be notified if you won an award you are still welcome if you did not get invited but don't dive for awards!We got are beginnning show also! We have opened a youtube channel me and Bluetail did sub us like us!




Favorite Bands:LMFAO and One Direction

Favorite Songs:Party Rock Anthem,One Thing and What Do You Want From Me

Favorite Food:Burger King Whopper

Favorite Sports: Baseball,Football and Soccer

Favorite Movie:Star Wars:Revenge Of The Sith

Dream Job: Playing in the MLB with the MN Twins

Favorite Athletes:Joe Mauer,Josh Willingham,Tom Brady,Tim Teebow,Peyton Manning,Brett Farve,Bert Byleven,Harmon Killebrew,Tony Oliva,Kevin Love,Jackie Robinson,Babe Ruth,Jack Morris and Kirby Puckett

Favorite Sports Teams:TX Rangers,MN Twins,LA Lakers,MN Vikings,MD,Ravens,MD Orioles,NY Giants,Miami Heat,NE Patriots and the Nationals

Here are the games i currently play...

Star Wars:The Old Republic

Clone Wars Adventures


Free Realms