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New series coming soon!

Hi my name is Richard (RX) (you can call me Rich or Richy those are my nick-names) im 13 years old, im a spriter that make some sprites that I know about im not the best in my region and im not the worst.

My goals:

1)get over 50.000 stars Got It!

2.get more than 750 fans! (NO WAY NEAR)

and now four facts about me! favourite food is cheese! favourite colour is green lucky day is always Thursday favourite type of games are platform games


sprite projects!


none at the moment :(

Idea's please! even custom one's! :D


sprite making group

ive have a sprite channel

I have some members

and you gadda help us! (hotel mario resemblance lol)

even if you don't know how to rip sprites!

ill teach you!

come ask meh if you have time


my flipnote buddy's

jimbobbil - the first spriter I ever became friends with! he's awesome! too bad he was hacked :(

yasha - another spriter I met. he's cool

rachazz - yet anthor sprite I met she's ok with sprites but AWESOME with fonts

luigi - an awesome spriter BUT more like the BEST SPRITER EVER!

the shadow - nothing really much to say about him but he's a awesome spriter

chriscool - I like him he's nice

mew Chloe - she's not really my friend but we fans of each other

kaleb - not much of friends but we like each other

Syan - One Really good friend on

Hatena. she knows her stuff!

Valle: A dude that I though was a girl...But he's still an epic guy

(Who beg's for my Secrets all the time >=O )

DudeSkater: Well Urmm...I don't Really know much about him But I know He likes puffle's! =D

AylaDevil: She's Quite awesome but please, NO MOAR SIXTY FOUR JOKES! >=(

Maxi: Just like DudeSkater, I don't know much about him.

Dabbey: One of the Best Dude's I know! (In fact I think He Draw's better than I do =/ )

Flame Dude: He is Awesome, and he's also my brother! =D



1. can you teach me how to rip sprites?

there is load of flipnote's on Hatena about

how to rip sprites so yh!

2. can you see my creators room?

25% yes 75% no

3.can you make me some (insert text here) sprites?

50% Yes 50% No


ok bro's 3ds code is 2492-4313-6311


im on xbox live please add me!

gamer tag: Richard RX 88


I'm in need of people for my series,

ask in one of my flips if you want to be in!

places are limited

so Dash it all and

ask now!

people so far:

1. Syan

2. Dudeskater

3. Stoney

4. ayla devil

5. Dabbey

6. Sneesie









just in case you wanted to know! =D


that's all bye! ^_>

_____ _____ __ __

| __ \| __ \ \ \ / /

| |__) | |__) | \ V /

| _ /| _ / > <

| | \ \| | \ \ / . \

|_| \_\_| \_\/_/ \_\

Xbox LIVE Richard RX 88