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Hello,I'm a 14-year-old girl that likes anime,Sonic,and the color pink!!!I'm the creator of The Star Team.And just for people to know,there not sonic fan characters,since they don't have the line around the mouth or their eyes are connected,like the sonic characters.My characters where originally drawn my way.Another fact about me is that when I grow up I want to become a cartoonist,cuz I sure love to draw!!!

Anyways,if you ever find my creators room and make a nice comment or give stars to my flips,well,you just got a new friend!!!


This is some more new info here!!!I just got a devianART!!!So all of my friends here who have an account there,lets be friends there too!!!My username there is:TotalGirl1997 (Ik,it's basically my name here.but hey,that way you know who I am,lol.)