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yeah im emo so what who cares .....why are you on my page get out of here... heh.... jk im just a guy who somepeople say you can't trust .... you know what forget them forget life it sucks everybody hates me cause of my race... i try to make friends but they always end up hating me.... it gets on my nerves i can't trust anybody i'm all alone in my dark corner .... but atleast i have to friends i even have a shirt that says it.... it says my only two friends are my knife and my scars so thats all what your still here GO AWAY!!!!!!!! I DONT WANT YOU HERE all i want is my knife...... well bye and have a horriable day like i always have..... ok im a guy but i really look like a girl i sometimes put makeup on and stuff so i really look like one oh yeah and one thing im bi xoxoxoxo all guys and girls ;)







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