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username zoo york age 10 gender boy

I am a very talented kid i liek to hang out with my friends Miranda jacod kydel riley cade devin emma katie ian anthony chris zack avery conner etc. i have a lot of friends...also i like to jerk cat daddy and dougie with chris and devin i like to sing with miranda joke around with most of my friends im beast in hand tennis i play clarinet like dark fox yay i <3 haters i <3 steak and yankees rule i also love to draw and make comics too i play andkon club penguin fusion fall as zeke electro fang and i also play this game called project exonaugt too.................. oh yeah i also liek to wresle and jerk battle im good at football base ball soccer and b-ball there is a girl that likes me in the school im really popular and i can rap i also like to do yo-momma joke battles too ex. yo momma so stupid she stole free bread ... the other one is innapropriate spell fail lol and i am really funny i h8 my brother noobs players slurs definatley and im in fith grade