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Thank you for read my profile ^^ You must be so bored XDD

My old Hatena Profile: http://flipnote.hatena.com/95088320A0D9E072@DSi/

Hi ^^ I'm Maria and I'm 14 years old

My B-Day is 27 November

I'm Spanish and Otaku ^-^

I love Manga and Anime >///<

I like listen to music, I love Vocaloid

I can speak Spanish, Catalan, English and some French, because I'm studing French at school

More things about me:


If someone want to follow me on Facebook, tell me.

I have a lot of work ^^'

I'm working in:

[x] = DONE

Mini and Random Requests: Now no more please. I have a lot of work.

Anime-Rin☆ AB


Collab with Mio (Kaichou wa maid-sama) NOT STARTED YET

Collab with Anime-Rin☆ (K-ON) FINISHED

Collab with Liah (Vocaloid)

Collab with MelodyTia (Shugo Chara)

Collab with NekoMimii (Summer)


REQUESTS: I'm soooooo slow at drawing, I'm sorry :/ - 18/8/12

1-Ulquiorra Cifer for Tsubaki [x]

2-New O.C. for Pau♪Neko [x]

3-Chara + my chara for Namine [x]

4-Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket for Nirie [x]

5-Suigetsu Hozuki from Naruto for Jello

6-Chara Tsuki + Kudo Shinichi from Detective Conan for RozenGirl [x]

7-Battler + Beatrice from Umineko no naku koro ni for Néssrine

8-My own chara for Charlie [x]

9-Rei from Highschool of the Dead for Aれねa

10-O.C. Towa for Dる@りフ◎K3®

11-Character for Meilin [x]

12-Tsurugi + Tenma from Inazuma Eleven for °○fanny°●•

13-Hikaru Hitachiin from Ouran High Shoot Host Club for Death [x]

14-Lily from Vocaloid for Lèah

15-Character for ※OlGaやみ※ [x]

16-O.C. for Mars [x]

17-Yuki from Vampire Knight for ∴°Bella°∴

18-O.C. Akuma + Haruna from To Love Ur for Akuma (Mio)

19-Usui Takaumi from Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama for Rose_girl and ☆★Gi-Gi★☆

20-Chitanda y Houtarou in Hyouka for Ro→ぐみ☆かわいい [x]

21-Ty Chi (chara) for Jo™ (http://flipnote.hatena.com/9D7660E0274DFD07@DSi/movie/4DFD07_0BB61168C067C_000?in=user)

22-Allen Walker from D Gray Man for •Clém

23-Crona from Soul Eater for アニメCrazy

24-New O.C. for ♪CandyTia [x]

25-Jack Vessalius from Pandora Hearts for o○Merry•

26-Chara Nurika + chara Natsumi (my own) for AnimeRin

27-Elliot from Pandora Hearts for Sakura 17♪ [x]

28-WINNER: O.C. + Len for ♪CandyTia

29-WINNER: O.C. (Kyu) + Lee Taemin for Kyu

30-WINNER: Japan + England from Hetalia for VanTsuやおい

31-Black Goth Neko in my style for Black•Goth

My competition results flipnote [x]

Hope you like my flips. Thanks for all the suport you give me, for me is very important because I work very hard ^^

/★LuCiiA★\, Srta.Bambú, Nagisa, Laia, SKYDZ, ·Clém, NekoMiu, Claire, Ari☆GONE (Eevee★Ari), Oº·Rilos·ºO, Neus, Ms. Pumpkin, Sakura, Natalia, Yunie, •°ELenA♪°•, Floren, Ernesto, MahBD!♥[N] (Nora/ノラ), Debz, MewMewMelツ, CassMartin, Anime-Rin, Tsubaki, Namine, !.c.E, Néssrineツ, merry, Milk_, アニメCrazy, saroja, Liah, ♪CandyTia◆, Mio♪, つるぎ\(^o^)/ and a lot of more people; THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPORT AND ALL o^^o

Thanks to all my fans and friends.

And thank you Hatena and Hatena Support for every your time and everything you do.




















I love cats and penguins (LOL) ~Nyan~ ^w^