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hello peoplez of hatena! i'm just going to tell yall a little about my self. i can be a little bit shy when i meet new people. i care about my friends. whenever someone is having a hard time, i always try to cheer them up and say prayers for them. i sometimes feel left out and forgotten. i'm very kind and loving. i'm a really great dancer and i enjoy singing. i know a little bit on playing the piano, but i know some songs. i'm a little bit random. i can be really crazy at times. i get sick a lot(i bet you didnt want to know that). i watch a lot of youtube videos(especially by chuggaaconroy). i like to watch america's got talent, so you think you can dance, and american idol. my fav tv show is spongebob squarepants. so there you go, that's a little bit about me(there are more things i could tell yall, but im getting tired). cya l8ter! bai! oFTo