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Hi everyone! Sorry that my flip production's slow. I'm working on several flips. And even series, such as:

RP:Kosche (season 1 of ?)

Defcon (season 1 of 10)

Chimaera: Nightmares (season 1 of 4)

Sicon: Energy (season 1 of 2)

Alone (season 1 of 5)

Mech: Origins (season 1 of 2)

K10T: KB's Origins (season 1 of 3)

Defcon: Ace's Origins (season 1 of ?)

A New Breed: Baylwulf's Origins (season 1 of 3)

Unnatural: Tex's Origins (season 1 of 3)

God of All: Galactic's Origins (season 1 of 3)

If you read a book named: "Human vs Foods", I wrote it. Well that's all. By the way, Defcon and all my other series are based on a combonation of both, Greek and Koschian religion.


My touch screen broke, I accidentally unlinked my dsi accout, and my mom told me to take a break from Hatena. I was FR'd, so I can't post flipnotes. ( I've gotten false reported 2× before) I'm making a new account soon (maybe) :b