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minor goals:10,000 stars-X

100,000 stars

red star

medium goals:port3r as fan=X(sorta cus of the whole acc link with aquaria)

make a successful series

get 1,000 fans

get 10k fans

get new creator room bg

blue star

super goals:comment/stars from bosS

comment/stars from n1nty=X

comment/stars from gizmo

comment/stars from afro toad

n1nty fan

bosS fan

gizmo fan

afro toad fan

hi5bye fan

1mil stars

purple star

main goal!


lol ya so catch ya later peeps, keep the moving pictures gooooin!!!

woot woot

a captain doesnt abandon his troops, dnt abandon your fans

shoot for the stars. one ought to grant your wishes.

everyone starts at the bottom of the hill. climbing up is what matters most

a slow pace gets you up to the skies

dont feel inferior to people you think are better, for they had to learn to crawl before they could walk just like you

~point-zer0(im pretty sure most of these are made by me XD if not credit to whichever philosophir or sumthin made these)