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my name is Dali , I am 14! year old , my B-Day is 1/7/1997 :) I love animals :3 , anime , and sushi!!! :D I speak spanish and some english AND I am the #1 fan of Kedo!!! x] ...

Meesh is like my little brother and he LOVE xD Kypop and sushi too :3

im very sorry for not posting flipnotes in a long time! its just that i bought a 3Ds and i sold my Dsi XL, and i dont know when nintendo is gonna post the new version of it, but seriously i dont know what to do , im going to get really crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOO:<

my friend code is 2148-8158-6664 please add me if you want to leave your friend code in a comment (: