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My name is Emmanuel(for short you can call me Emman or Em) and i like pokemon and dragon ball z and naruto and shadow the hedgehog(i really really like shadow the hedgehog) and link and zactch bell(i like zatch bell a little bit)and now i like vocaliod

i also like to read manga books(i have a lot of manga books). i have Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Megaman, Zatchbell,and Deathnote manga books

i LOVE video games. i have a ps3, ps2, ps1, psp, ds, dsi xl(mario verson), and wii.

these are the pokemon games i have or used to have:

dimond(used to have)



heart gold(have)

ranger(used to have)

ranger:shadows of Almnia(used to have)

ranger:gardian signs(have)

mystery dungeon explorers of darkness(used to have)

mystery dungeon blue rescue team(used to have)

sole silver(have)

gold(used to have)

fire red(used to have)

leaf green(have)


these are the Dragon Ball Z games i had or used to have:

budokia 2(used to have)

budokia 3(used to have)

budokia tenkaichi(used to have)

budokia tenkaichi 2(used to have)

budokia tenkaichi 3(have)