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...ohai there

time to update my profile. no funky junk.

just, ... i am Valerie.

i draw.

i animate.

i own a dsi and a dsixl

i have no personal life outside of hatena as far as you know

i am here to post, view, and teach myself to animate better.

if you were fans of me before i got my dsi xl, then just know tht is where my flips will be from

from now on.

i am not an impersonator of myself, i would have picked a far better creator to fake.

i like vocaloid.

i like kittens

i like anime

i like kittens

this will be the main idea, my flipnotes take a long time to make, yes i am still a n00b.

i am considering a youtube. and a devianart for posting cosplay stuff.

i sound boring as dirt right now.

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