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Hello ppl of the usa!

so here is a little stuff about me:

My fav color is yellow,red,and black.Ihate bugs.Im really nice unless you are being mean or you spam on my flips.uh.. i have tons of never a hater unless you copy my flips.and i never steal flips unless they are meant to be a spin-off.thats all! OH and also check out my chanels i have alot ( 6 and counting) so feel free to post at 1 that you like!

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I have not gotten my dsi back im sorry i have not asked my mother to give it back but i will in about a week or so~

Saturday,February 12, 2011

i dont ask for my dsi anymore and i dont know if i will do hatena any more when i come back but i will think about it because i dont want my stars and hard work to go to waste ( and i mean your stars) so yea i will let you guys know