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Im pika boo XD

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Pika B

Im pika boo XD

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Hello! PikaBoo is VERY happy yet sad. Why?


First of all, as you already may have been told,

my bestet friend is moving all the way to South Africa...

and this is very hard for me as you may know...

Secondly, I have been faulse reported for the very first time. I had 3 notice flipnotes so I'm not sure how many times he/she did it.


I FINALLY got Silver Citizenship! And I have 80+ fans. And I have changed my main account to PikaBoo so NOW Icon Comps will be more usefull! I have waited SO long to change my Icon and today (Friday the 9th( I think)) is the day!

Rock Angel:

When I posted that Mv, it didnt have half of my friends in. It was saying I felt left out until Caie accepted my apoligy! I'm sorry. I'll promise you you'll be in my next Mv!

Twiggy: Can you let me in one of your family's?

Thank you for all your support! I love you all. Sorry if I missed something or spelt it wrtong!