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I liek turtlez. o3o

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I liek turtlez. o3o

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(Last updated 8/30/2010)

Hi thar! Welcome to mah Creator's Room! This is like the first time I'm going to write something worthwhile and informative in this little white box, so, yeah...

I've taken a REALLY long break from making Flipnotes, but now I am BACK! Believe it or not, I am actually working on a lot of Flipnotes at the same time, and I'm not so sure what I am going to finish first...but whatever...here, I'll give you a list of stuffies I iz working on:


1.) Title: A Stick Figure Music Video

Progress: 70% done

Genre: Music/Comedy (Spoof)

Description: I originally had the idea to make this a spoof of a certain song that female users (lol) usually make as a lovey-dovey, making-outey w/a dude and a girl kind of thing, but what I have in for you guys is definitely gonna make those girls NEVER EVER want to use the song for any of those kind of flips again. :3 Also, this Flipnote is actually helping me practice MANY aspects of animating, including lip-synching (for like one scene though) and life-like fluid animation (like SmashBro1).

2.) Title: (nothing yet...)

Progress: 15% done

Genre: Comedy (Spoof)

Description: The audio will be from a video I found on YouTube. I've decided to just TRY and redraw the video; I'm going to try and make it look almost like the original video on YouTube. The audio will be REALLY crappy though because that's how it is in the original video---nothing I can do there. It's going to be an "OVER 9000!!!" Flipnote that is a spoof of a VERY, VERY old commercial involving an owl and lollipops...

3.) Title: Hatena Happy Birthday Flipnote

Progress: 30% done

Genre: Music/Contest Entry

Description: Well, this is going to be my contest entry for the Flipnote Hatena 1st Anniversary Contest. I'm HOPING to finish by the deadline, but if it's not done by Sept. 3, I'll post what I have finished...I started it only August 27, so, yeah... D:

4.) Title: FBI's/CIA's New Torture Tactic

Progress: 5% done

Genre: Comedy (spoof)

Description: A while ago, on the news, I remember that there was some speculation about the CIA using some sort of illegal torture tactics on prisoners...well, this Flipnote is sort of a kind of spoof on the FBI and the CIA using a new torture tactic on their prisoners...don't worry, it's really just a joke, I just made it up, and it's nothing that can be considered inappropiate...believe me, I'll have a lot of haters because of this...especially the girls who absolutely LOVE Ju---oops, said too much already... ;D

5.) Title: I.B.Y.A.P. Sparta Remix

Progress: 10% done

Genre: Comedy/Music (Sparta Remix)

Description: I'm not going to reveal WHAT Sparta Remix this is yet, but maybe someone will be able to figure out what the letters stand for up there, and they'll realize what Sparta Remix I'm making...I am not going to draw any of the frames, but I am going to ask one person's permission to use the drawings from his VERY popular Flipnote...I'm doing this because it will look MUCH, MUCH, better with them...shan't say nothing more... ;)

6.) Tentative Title: (WTF BOOM! Flipnote)

Progress: 0% done

Genre: Comedy

Description: This Flipnote will involve my O.C. (which I need to change) asking gizmo a rather...er...interesting question...obviously, it involves a WTF BOOM! sound effect, so you can probably see how it'll end, but I'm not going to give anymore details... o3e


I will be updating this more often than before (which was, never lol) as I progress through my Flipnotes. I hope you like watching my Flipnotes!

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