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Lol that sucks

Darkness of white

You can through the sadness take your flight

And become the wings

That pierce the veil

Spreading strong and true tonight

Brought into the light at last

By the cold exposing sun

I was granted freedom tamed

To become to chosen one

Through the mirror

Night reflected

Miraculous to see

My soul threw away the mask

That hides the deeper me

Reveal the soul inside

Shroud the truth with how you lied

Hope, despair and grace

Hold the common face

A truth you cannot hide

Heed to the burning call

Hear your heart's desire

Like a burning fire

Fly back to the beginning

In this world of love and hate

Where the wind blows like a blade

Two young hearts, of grace and beauty

Decisions start to fade

On my journey

For redemption

The pain is all I see

Seeking the righteous path

To find the truth in me

Vanish with the fake light

Born anew with the true light

Within these hands

Breaking the dark of night

Piercing through the painted white

Cut it all away

From yesterday

Till a new era's in sight

Unlock the heart within

Let it spread its wings and soar

Rising up in flight

Through the night of white

And fly on forever more