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Hi everyone who sees this! I'm, in case you havn't noticed, Tiger.

I post mainly on the Sonic the hedgehog channels, I am in charge of the series LUMINOUS RACE (L.R.), and I have a bunch of O.C.s. They represent me here on hatena though I often represent myself... lol... I love to comment RP, and do spin-offs but my favorite kind of flips to do are MVs.

I use whatever O.c.s of mine that I feel like, and here they are:

Aria the hedge-fox

Ravus the hedgehog

Nexas the Nightmare

Arluna the Hedge-fox

Volkner the Hedgehog

Marluxen the Hedge-Wolf

Nari the Fox-rabbit

Nexem the Hedgehog

Serena the Nightmare

Sairin the Demon

Varlon the Assassin

Lucien the NTMR

Scathe the NTMR

Sir Epsilion the Knight

Selene the Hedge-fox

Niko Kiru the Ninja

Avorus the Aura Reaper

Talk to me sometime fans, I love to hear from all of you...