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Find me on Twitter: @Hatena_direwolf if i know you from and you're lucky, i might, just might DM you my non-hatena account :D but you have to be following me first. otherwise i cant message you. so basically,

1. tweet me who you are so i know who you are

2. follow me

3. wait for reply and follow back

hey! My name's Dire Wolf! let me explain some things since you took the time to come here.

first off it sucks that my old dsi had to be stupid and decide to stop working out of the blue and make me lose almost everything.. And so i want to rebuild everything i lost and then keep moving forward to reach my goals. And the number one thing on my bucket list is before i die i want to travel around the world to meet all my friends on hatena. anywho, i love wolves, so the majority of my flips will have something to do with them. i love animating and drawing (mostly wolves, sometimes people..)

Being on hatena has been AMAZING for me! i have made a lot of good friends on here! now i cant imagine my life without being here.


50 fans- very sadly, undone

10,000 stars- done

1 green star- done

100 fans- undone

30,000 stars- undone

5 green stars- undone

200 fans- undone

50,000 stars- undone

10 green stars, 1 rare- undone

500 fans- undone

100,000 stars- undone

20 green, 5 rare- undone

thats all i am posting for now :D

friends: (no particular order)

Wolf chic (sis)

DeiRare(she quit)






Neon Wolf (sis)

Darkness Wolf


Fire Mew


i know im forgetting somebody!!

if i forgot you, plz tell me and i will add you, because i tend to be quite forgetful sometimes XD

my favourite foods: TACOS!!!

fav drink: iced tea!! (and hot chocolate)

fav animal: wolf (durh XD)

fav book series: THE HUNGER GAMES

fav movie: the hunger games!!

fav season: autumn/fall

fav bands: soundgarden marianas trench the offspring skillet pearl jam three days grace ect.

fav colours: lime green and black

my real name: Payton

age: 12

bday: july 6th 2000

pet: a beagle named Bailey. i love herr :)

siblings: an annoying younger sister XP

country: Canada

You say Justin Beiber- I say Skillet

You say Miley Cyrus- I say Flyleaf

You say Emenem- I say Linkin Park

You say Jonas Brothers- I say Breaking Benjamin

You say Lady Gaga, I say Evanescence

You say T-Pain, I say Three Days Grace

You say Katy Paerry, I say Redd

You say Justin Beiber (Yes you said JB twice), I say Korn

You say Bruno Mars, I say System of a Down

You say Selena Gomez, I say Gorillaz

You say Lil'Wayne, I say Mindless self Indulgence

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