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Eats Bagel's like a boss

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Err......here we go, *cough* I'm bad at explaining things-

About Me: I live in America, and I am a drawing freak, you hand me a piece of paper and it takes all of my will NOT to draw on it. I mainly like to draw with Pencil, but I also use Oil Pastels, Watercolor, Copic Markers, Color Pencils, Graphite and- I wish to have more someday, once i'm old enough to get a job so I can buy some. @_____@""" When I grow up I wish to visit Europe, I love it there...filled with history and art. (the buildings are also AMAZING) I hope to live in Germany or Austria- or Italy. I'm learning German though, I knew a lot of it, but, now iv'e forgot everything except for greetings and- well, the basic stuff. It's kinda weird though because well.... some of my family just moved to America not that long ago. (Right after WWI) So I hope to meet them someday~ I am...getting better at my art, I guess, well, I only started DRAWING DRAWING like....2 years ago, before that I just traced a bunch of stuff and drew something like, once a month. xD I would like critisicm, it makes me want to try harder, it gives me a drive....even though I might get hurt some, but, in life you need to get used to critiscm you know? So, good way to get used to it. And Lastly- I play the Clarinet, iv'e played for 2 years, i'm first chair in class....NO IDEA HOW I DID- GOING TO SECOND OR THIRD CHAIR SOON I BET. (low self esteem moment xD) I am also learning the piano, I don't want a teacher, I KNOW HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO SOUND TEACHER LADY/ MAN. So, maybe once a week I go to my friends house to play her keyboard. Later in my life, I want to learn how to play the Violin, iv'e always wanted to play it, it's a dream I will fulfill later in my life~ Maybe when I go to Germany, if I find my "German side of the family" one of them can teach me, because apparently...I think my dad told me people in my family in Germany play the violin.(and apparently I can sing? Iv'e gotten a lot of compliments) Besides that, no instrumental background in my family, accept my cousin got a scholarship for playing the piano so well. Eh...I love eating~ expecially Japanese and Italian food~ Mmmmmmm- pasta~ =w="" Songs- anything except country music and rap, southern accents, sorry, they annoy me, and I don't know why, I don't complain about it though. Ich liebe du! xD well, i'm anti- social- the end.

Deviantart: http://Frost2468@deviantart.com

Danke for reading! :D


English, some German.