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CLASH OF TITANS 5: On hold. I'm waitin for the 3ds to come out. Sorry. ^FT^

Being banned in all, I have no communication; this is my first time on here in a while. If Aaron allows old accounts to transfer to the 3ds, I'll be active again. That's all.

Where all da stick fights at? Only comedy in the pop list? XD

Maybe a stick fight revolution needs to occur. jk.

Shout out to ppl and fans who still visit and comment this page: Ur guys are awesome.

Shout out to Anthony who's dominating the pop list, Hatena's new King!

Shout out to everybody in the Eupheon, and everyone on hatena. (Except the staff. Cuz I got banned. -.- *growl*)

Shout out to BosS, an inspiration: He's back! And better than ever! With that new flip, I think BosS's style is the best i've seen as far as effects and fast pace action goes.

Check out King's new page, he's doin awesome for someone who lost their account innocently. *cough* hatena staff! *cough*

Good luck Eupheon, I may come back....but my 5 month absence is damage enough.

I'm not King.

Hatena staff will be in cot 5. They will be the "minions".....doesn't end well.....whatever.....b.high.peopl.of.hat.weed.na