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:D hiii. Lolz. Anyway, Nice to meet you xD i have a sister, a 3DS, a iPod, a computer, and a DSi. (i posted a flipnote of my fc on the 3DS.) My besties are AllyLolz, Vicky14089, and Hanieh. I also have other friends on Hatena, so, Add them!

D xD. I love Pokemon (
D i have lots of Pokemon games), i like cats, dogs, wolfs, awesome people xD, uhhh... oh yeah! techno music, anime/manga, cute stuff, and sweet stuff.

I also play Minecraft and Roblox :3. I don't like mean people >:( xD, people divorcing or breaking up or friends hating each other, and i don't like people fighting for one person.

Some Other stuff about me: i draw the best in my family :3 (my parents, and my sister. not my WHOLE family like grandparents or something. Well actually, maybe better than them too xD), I am NOT a tomboy or a girly girl. I'm more like normal. :3. My family thinks i'm not shy because i can ask someone EASILY (<---- sorry for those caps.)"wanna be friends?" (*awesome face*) but the truth is... i am scared 0A0. When i ask them that i just turn my head or run up to my desk because i don't like awkwardness :P.

Well that is it 0u0. If you wanna be friends on Hatena, just ask me on comments in ANY video and me to your fave and i'll add you and add you to my friend list (on my iPod in notes). If you wanna add me on the 3DS, just find my FC flipnote and add me then give me your 3DS name and FC. If you want to add me in Pokemon black and white, just find my flip, add me, then give me your Name and FC. :) thank you and bye!

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P.S. if i haven't added you on Pokemon or the 3DS, then its because i'm too busy. I'll add you, i Promise.