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And hello once again adiance! When we left off I was eating pancakes... *drool* lol dose eny one here know Tobuscas? Intro of Darkness then Redness then Whiteness! Ok now a little more stuff about Tobuscas then I will tell you my life how it has been on hatena k? GR8! Now about Tobuscas well, his real name isent Tobuscas that's his stage name lol his real name is Toby Turner and people that don't know this dude then SHAME ON YOU!

Eny ways he also has a little fluffy dog called griffam lol I love the dog name XD

Yes I know what you are all thinking right now... Ok lol sorry I'm getting a little of track now lol eny hoo were where we? Oh yes now I remembered lol ok well I am a giant fan of Toby turner I watch his vids all the time coz I have a app on my IPod where I watch all his vids and I Proberly watch more of the cut,win,fail vids more then eny thing else lol eny way iv think iv said wvery thing? Ok bless your face if you sneezed while this information of my profile bless you peace of,Badadooda do subscribe now intro of Darkness then Redness, then Whiteness then, BOOP!


lol hello and welcome to my profile of redness! lol now I'm ganna tell you about me my chara and my life time on hatena :D ok well I found out about hatena when my sister shadow wolf told me about hatena I was playing Pokemon that day lol and I still remember after a year on hatena!XD enyhooo, um... Oh when I got the game I dident know how to draw properly I got the game when I was 10years old lol also I was inspired by Zara and yeah I still am and I'm sure other people are when they see Zara. And yes I am inspired by two,yes, TWO people Zara AND tezzy :D yes I started Beeing inspired about tezzy when I found out that tezzy was Sierra's sis so yeah.... Eny way about my chara: Red Pika. Well red pika is me and she is 12 years old right now because that's exacerly how old I am-is BUT I am 11 right now... Don't think i act like a baby just coz I'm 11! D:< ok sooo... Ima ganna change the story of red pika coz the other one was crap...

Now in ganna tell you about me next ok:

Well my real name is Luiza. My fav food is pancakes and waffles lol love em *drool*

My gave coulers red,black,white. My age I am 11 almost 12! D:< also my fav animals are: white snow fox, thorny devil and dogs. Also I'm very sure you know that I am a girl right? lol sure you know.

O# (


O# (

I love that face :) eny way my upcoming new chara names are: cloudy and SafireXD

And my fav song is some where I belong. I love that song!!XD lol also my fav creators and my friends. I will say a fue things to my friends and I will say a fue things to my fav creators:

Spyro drago: yes every one knows that your the best spyro creator and gess what? It's true and no one will ever take that away from you not even me:) and you know it's true! Thank you for always being there for me as a gr8 friend. Waffles: you are the cutest creator I have ever seen;) and you chara is so cute! And I adore you as a friend:3 red-G: you are more then a good friend you are a epic friend and one of the sweetest friends enyone could ever ask for:)(Flamez: I can see how your always there for a friend in need of some special help from a special friend like you,your a awesome animater a epic drawer and also a perfect friend:) -hug-

Eevee Flare: adiance?What are you doing looking at this profile,and the messige for Eevee flare? Lol jokesXD yeah iv Proberly gotta say you Proberly know Toby turner more then me, but I have got a app of him on my iPod haha! Lol I watch his vids all day but I always take up the YouTube wifi so my sis beat's me up and tells me not to watch it aww..... So what do you know about tobuscas? Hope you can tell meXP(Tezzy: your such a awesome creators,your such a awesome creator,your such a awesome creator! And it's true! I mean look at thows drawing I say you have a special gift!:) and yep,I'm inspired by you for sure!(Zara: yep ima also inspired by you to but I don't whant to be mean to you but:

Tezzy ima inspired by her the most and you second but hey, I can be inspired by to people right? Who says I carnt?(Thomas/blue wolf: yeah who dosent know Thomas? He is epic and the most graceful person you could ever come across one day so go add him now! He is one on the most epicness + awesomest lucario creators iv ever seen and yeah, it's true!=)

Zekro maker: woohoo! Your on kik my pall! That is epic! Just like my other 3 friends from hatena are on thereXD but hey don't look back coz your future awaits you my friend the future of goodness!:D (Sierra: omg! Your Tezzy's sis?!? Well not real sis but wow that is awesome! Sierra you are such a epic and awesome friend+creator in sure every one agrees right?

ardiance? Yeah!!!* see told ya SierraXD

If I missed eny one out plz tell me so I can put you in. Thanx!!!! Also I am still working on my series + I may make a fue icon comps for a fue colerd stars when I get some lolXD but right now ima ganna tell you my achevments that ima looking forward to:


20 fans (tick)

40 fans (tick)

60 fans (tick)

80 fans (tick)

100 fans (tick)

120 fans (tick)

140 fans (tick)

160 fans

Now the real stuff:

My second real achevments:

1000 fans

2000 fans

3000 fans

5000 fans


15 green stars

20 green stars

215 green stars

100 red stars

142 red stars

156 blue stars

200 blue stars

1 purple star

6 purple star

100 purple stars (if ever possibal)

Bronze citizenship

Silver citizenship

Gold citezebship

And larst but not least:

Platmen citizenship.

Thows are all the Achevments I whant to achieve on throw flipnote hatena, I I ever do get all this oh how I would be so greatfull Owo but I will try and Acheve most of this stuff and hopefully I will but I need to try hard to do this not to beg never to beg! Begging is crap! Now, what should I talk about next? I whant to make this profile long!!



Nope that's not working..... Umm? I know!


God ima bad at this..... Umm?

what about? Haha!! I got it!


Omg dose eny one know PEWPIE? He plays happy wheels? I found out about him when Zekro maker told me to look up happy wheels funniest mommants lol then he was there saying: I DONT CARE!!! Lol I so bee to get a tobuscas T-shert and a tobuscas hoody and tobuscas roller shoos and a tobuscas poster in the back ground saying INTRO of darkness then redness then whiteness lol and I need to get a tobuscas slap band and a tobuscas darkness redness whiteness bracelet!!! Omg I carnt stop talking about tobuscas! YOU MY ITILE TOBUSCAS!!!!!! OR SHOULD I SAY TOBY TURNER!!!!!!! XDDDDDD

Ok now what? Iv gotta puse it, thanx for watching! Check up tomorrow or the day after that to see if I have said eny thing new. Bless your face if you sneezed while this profile bless you peace of babadodo do subscribe to my channel on you tube it's called redpikaworld, intro of darkness then redness then whiteness then....., BOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!

Yes,yes,yes and yes! I am 12 years old I am a girl I live I'm Australia ima almaot 13 years old as you can see also my nationality ima polish the thing is I carnt speek polish well on my IPod so yeah.............

Eny one up for a rando..... Nah your Proberly not....

I can sing pitbull song I love this so it's one of my fav songs:D

Song is call (tonight) lyrics made by me. Also here we go

Pitbull: we not working hard yeah pic that with a ...... Um? I don't know that part....

How about skipping to the Coras k?:D from a previous part yay!

Pitbull: coz I promiss tonight,darling>

Coras: exuse me exuse me but I might drink a little more then I should "tonight"

And I might take you home with me if I could "tonight" and baby ima make you feel so good tonight coz we might not do it tomorrow (echo)

I told ya I was Bad ima always bad a singing..... But I do know some people that are good at singing!

PEWDIEPIE AND TOBUSCAS!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD SEE THERE SONGS GO LOOK EM UP THEY ARE AMAZING!! Sorry I might need to save this quick coz my iPod will keep crashing on me brb adiance!:D

Ok ima back for real! Also I'll tell you a little more about me

My fav coulers are: green,black,red and white!:D

My fav food well of cause:pancakes and toasted sandwitches! Love hot food!

I will try to suscribe my personality.... Um?

I love music and I love food! I adore my friends and fans on hatena

In my free time I like to play on my dsi-xl and my iPod touch and I also like to practice drawing on paper for hatena. I some times get sad at stuff then I get happy angain(wired)

And yeah not much but it's good living with my sister and my mum. More boring stuff down



I BORING!!! O------O







Tobuscas is my ital!!!

I whant to get a tobuscas T-shert,hoody,slap band,hat,posta that says intro of darkness then redness then whiteness! XD

But yeah not much to say ima heck of a fan of tobuscas!!! Yay lol

Eny one got any more Ideas? If any one has got a iPod touch get the app called kik

My ID: sazoi

It has a black back ground and the kik words are green k?


I also have a Xbox 360 konect and yes I have not so much games on it

I have spyro darwn of the dragon, halo reach,Sky landers (I don't really like that game anymore)

I had avatar but I got robed in my old house and they took every thing.... I had a black nitendo wii but unfortunately that got stolen to.....

My real name is:Luiza (ofcause)

My age: 12 almost 13

My fav an