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Hello thar. :D It's Allie Sohma!

I joined flipnote hatena because I want to master animating, and I enjoy watching others' flipnotes.

My goals:

I guess I should talk a little bit about myself. I am a girl. I won't tell you my age, but all I'll tell you is that I'm a young teenager. :P My favorite animals are wolves and tigers. I love chinese food. :D I want to be a cartoonist when I'm older.

Have some questions? I'll answer them here.

Q: Why is your OC a gray cat?

A: I find cats fun to draw, but I'm also finding myself doodle wolves more. You'll usually see me drawing my human form with animal ears. They could be cat ears or wolf ears, doesn't really matter. :P And why gray? Because gray seems to suit me.

Q: Why is your OC's name Allie?

A: A guy from my class thought my name was Allie at one point, and everyone thought that name suited me.


A: σ_σ Only if you deserve them.

Q: ADD MEH??!!!!!

A: If you deserve it... I'm not going add you just because I talked to you once, or because you asked me to.

Q: Please look at my flipnotes?

A: Most likely. But don't nag. xP

Q: Who are your inspirations?

A: Oh gawd... I have so many. This may be my longest answer. :P

Markcrilley on youtube (please go check out his videos) inspired me to draw anime. EpicGuitar and AfRoToAd gives me motivation to make ACTUAL animations. Yuna, ShinyEevee (who sadly quit), Lil Janey<3?, InvaderTak, PieTheDon (who was sadly perma'd from flipnote), Nearshot, HEK, DeepFrost (who is no longer on flipnote) and some others inspired some of my art styles. JessiKitty, and Natsuki Takaya (the creator of Fruits Basket) are my inspiration for making comics. MV's are inspired by... well, pretty much anybody who can make a decent MV. :P And HEK was my inspiration for making dark flipnotes on my old flipnote account.

Q: Do you watch/read any animes/mangas?

A: Yes. I'm currently obsessing over Fruits Basket, hence the name "Sohma" in my username. :P I've watched all 26 episodes, and I'm reading the manga online.

Q: Have a facebook?

A: Yes! (Lol of course). I'm trying to add as many flipnote people as possible. So please, even if you don't know me, add me on there. I'd love to get to know everybody. :) And I'd be even happier to look at your flipnotes and maybe even add you. dB

Q: Do you have any flipnote friends?

A: Yup. But most of them I haven't talked to in ages. @.@ I'm fraaands with Nitro, Mark, Scat, Brayan, Mr. Q, Sont, Vapeeeeyyyy (WaterN'ice), Lil Janey, Joshie (Jrcmxtm, however we haven't talked in waaaay too long), and... yup. I'm having a major brain f@rt if I forgot someone. @.@

Q: .w. Can I be your friend?

A: Otay! :D

Q: In a relationship?

A: Yussss. c: <3

Video game fc's:

  • 3DS: 1590-4744-0714
  • Pokemon Heartgold: Pending
  • Pokemon White: 0260-9617-8495
  • MarioKart DS: 124-740-647-671
  • Wii: Pending
  • MarioKart Wii: Pending
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl: 0990-8937-0125

Aaaand... yeah. That's all for now. :P BAAAAIII!!!!